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Tuncel Kurtiz was a Turkish theater, movie and TV series actor, film director. He was born in 1936, Izmit, Turkey. His father was a district governor, and his mother was a teacher. Due to his parents’ occupation, he toured many places across the country.

Mini biography:

Birth name        : KurtizTuncel TKurtis

Born                 : 1 February 1936, Izmit, Turkey

Died                 : 27 September, 2013 (aged 77)

Years active: 1958 – 2013

Residence: Istanbul, Turkey

Spouse              : Menend Kurtiz

Art and film Profile:

Tuncel Kurtiz graduated from the department of English language and literature at Istanbul University. He started acting in 1959 at the Dormen Theatre. By acting on the movie ‘Suru’, he reached the peak of his acting career.

He acted in many theatres in Turkey and abroad. He performed in many international theatres and productions. In the 1970s, he directed plays for the German – Turkish theater project ‘Turkisches Ensemble.’ In 1964, he debuted as a film actor in the film ‘Şeytanin Usaklari.’ Since then, he has acted in more than 70 national and international movies  and TV series. Kurtiz starred in the TV series ‘Haci ve Asi.’ He acted the role of Kamil Efendi in the film ‘Guz Sancisi’and the role of Ramiz Karaeski in the TV series ‘Ezel’ in 2009.

Tuncel Kurtiz  started a career as an actor playing theaters. Since 1958, he performed on many stages in Istanbul, in state and private theaters. He also performed on the stage at

  • Gothenburg City theatre, Stockholm Royal Theatre and Swedish Theatre in Sweden,
  • Frankfurt City Theatre and Hamburg City Theatre in Germany,
  • Peter Brook Shakespeare Royal Theatre in England.

During his university years, he became friends with the renowned film director Yilmaz Guney. They made many films together. Their 1970 film Umut was prohibited to leave Turkey, but was shown in Cannes Film Festival by a smuggled copy.

His first film role was in Seytanin Usaklari, shot in 1964. Since then, Tuncel Kurtiz played in many international productions like Swedish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, British, Israel and Indian films and TV series, mostly in the original language.


Tuncel Kurtiz received many awards in Turkey and abroad.

  • ‘Best Screenplay’ in 1981 at Antalya Film Festival for the script ‘Gul Hasan’.
  • ‘Best Actor’ at the 36th Berlin International Film Festival for his role in the film ‘Hiuch Hagdi’.
  • ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at Antalya Film Festival for his role in ‘Bir Ask Ugruna’ in 1994.
  • ‘Best Actor’ at ‘7th Sadri Alisik Awards’ for his role in Sellale.
  • ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at Antalya Film Festival for his role in ‘Yasamin Kiyisinda’ in 2007.

Famous Words:

  • I am like myself, everyone is as much as I am.
  • The artist is the reflection of the age.But how does it reflect? The problem is there. The writing I wrote on the wall was: It is unnecessary that I cannot transfer. I want to convey it absolutely.
  • I do not accept the practice.Mastery is in craft, but not in art.The artist does not repeat what he knows, but he creates himself and always calls himself. I’d rather be a student.

Tuncel Kurtiz

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