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Levent Uzumcu is a Turkish actor, who is better known for “Avrupa Yakasi” (2004), “Shattered Soul” (2006) and “Kabuslar Evi – Kacan Firsatlar Limited” (2006).


Name               : Levent Uzumcu

Born                : 6 July, 1972

Birth Place      : Izmir, Turkey

Height             : 6’ 4” (1.92 m)

Horoscope       : Cancer

Profession       : Actor

Nationality      : Turkish

Parents            : Ferit Uzumcu

Spouse             : Ebru Tuay Uzumcu (m. 1997 – Present)

Children          : Batu Uzumcu, Ata Uzumcu

Education and Career:

Levent Uzumcu studied at the Karsiyaka Aydogdu Primary School and Esref Pasa High School. Then studied drama at the Eskisehir Anadolu University in Turkey.

He trained in theatre at first at the Anadolu University in Eskisehir and then at the Los Angeles Acting School. He started working at the Istanbul City Theatre from 1996. Since the Conservatory, he usually wanted to play “Jon” characters, but he wanted to play more comedies himself. He comes to Istanbul as a youth festival during his university times. Then it will be the first time for Istanbul City Theater – Kadıkoy Haldun Taner Stage to work for many years. At the same time, during this festival, he became acquainted with his wife Ebru, who was later in love and got married. After graduating from the conservatory, he worked at the Bursa State Theater upon his proposal, where he made six premieres and plays “Muammer Muammer” touring many parts of Turkey with Anatolia tour. He also started to broadcast live broadcasts on AS TV in Bursa and continued during a broadcast season.

Levent Uzumcu decided to settle in Istanbul and started to work as a cheerleader in Istanbul City Theater. 

In 1997, he got married to Ebru with a simple marriage ceremony. After this period, Levent Uzumcu started to take roles in the TV series. He also begins to play in the knees in this period. He plays a role in the series “Small Ibo” and “Umut”.

He went to the military in March of 1998. After his military service, he went to his wife, who pursues his education in California. He has studied both in the foreign language and actor directing at the Los Angeles Film School. They return to Turkey in July 2001.

Levent Uzumcu made an advertising contract and then acts as a director and actor in the TV series. Besides, he started working in the city theaters as well. He continued to work for the television series, “The Foreigner at Home”, “We Are in Love with You”, “The Bastard Lovers”, 
Levent Uzumcu has been involved in founding Istanbul Folk Theater with Istanbul City Theater with valuable actors Kemal Kocaturk, Bahtiyar Engin and Yildiray Sahinler. He also starred in “Beyza’s Women” in 2005 and in the film “Kacan Opportunities Limited” in 2006. 

He achieved national fame by playing the role of Cem Onaran on the sitcom “Avrupa Yakasi”. Additionally, he also presented the “Akil Sampiyonu” show on TurkMax.


  • Harem (2012)
  • Looking for a Lost (2011)
  • Sen Home (2010)
  • Abimm (2009)
  • European Yakasi (2004-2009)
  • Kabuslar Evi – Kacan Firsatlar Limited (2006)
  • Shattered Soul (2006, 2003)
  • We were loyal to you (2002)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen (2002).

Levent Uzumcu

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