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Sreelekha Mitra a Bengal Film Journalists’ Association – Best Actress Award winner. She has a great popularity for the hard work for Bangali Cinema. She is a brilliant actress with beauty. The individual parts of her face looks attractive when she smiles. She has a lot of fans of her beauty. She made her debut in Bimal Dey’s film Sei Raat in 1996. After that she was featured in Hothath Brishti which was a blockbuster hit and later she gave few hits to the Bangla Cinema. She had got featured in many films but got widely acclaimed for her role in film Kantatar. She made her Bollywood debut in Reema Mukherjee’s directorial debut Aradhangini Ek Ardhsatya in 2016.She got Filmfare Award East for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ashchorjyo Prodeep.


After her debut in 1996 she got featured in Saptami (1997), Samadhan (1997) and Sreeman Bhootnath (1997).In 1998 she got her first breakthrough in Basu Chatterjee’s Hothat Brishti. Later she continued to get going with hits like Khelaghar (1999), Krishna Kaberi (1999), Aamader Sansar (2000), Apan Holo Par (2000), Annadata (2002), Tak Misti Jiban (2002), Teen Ekke Teen (2004), Debdoot (2004) to name a few. she got acclaimed for her film Jonmodin . She got wider attention for a her film Kantatar.She has also an extensive career on television. Her notable Telefilms include Dwicharini, Raja Opera, Teen Satyi, Dui Purush, Teen Purush, Ami Shey O Anu to and so on. Her mostly praised television series was including Trishna, Ei To Jiban, Pratibimba, Bhanga Gorar Khela, Probahini Ei Samay, Bandhan to name few.


Choukaath (2015)

Chaar (2014)

Nirbhoya (2013)

Aschorjo Prodip (2013)

Bhooter Bhobishyot (2012)

Uro Chithi (2011)

Ogo Bodhu Sundari (2010)

Houseful (2009)

Smritimedur (2009)

Antarotamo (2008)

Hello Kolkata (2008)

Tolly Lights (2008)

Tumi Robe Nirobe (2008)

Kantatar (2006)

Ek Mutho Chhabi (2005)

Debdoot (2004)

Tin Ekke Tin (2004)

Mando Meyer Upakshan (2003)

Annadata (2002)

Tak Misti Jiban (2002)

Jabab Chai (2001)

Aamader Sansar (2000)

Apan Holo Par (2000)

Gariber Sansar (2000)

Satbhai (2000)

Khelaghar (1999)

Krishna Kaberi (1999)

Madhu Malati (1999)

Sankha Sindurer Dibbi (1999)

Baba Keno Chakor (1998)

Hothat Bristi (1998)


sreelekha mitra photo

Here we can see Sreelekha Mitra in a lovely white saari where she was posing brilliantly to look beautiful with a smile. Her alluring smile made her adorable.


In this pic we can see Sreelekha Mitra in lovely outfits where she was posing brilliantly. with her open hair she was looking alluring in this pic.


In this pic we can see Sreelekha Mitra in lovely outfit where she was posing with a smile she was in a lovely glass and she was in open hair . over all with her all the decoration she was looking lovely. 


sreelekha mitra photo

In this pic we can see Sreelekha Mitra in lovely outfits where she was posing brilliantly with a smile . she was in open hair and with her awesome makeups .



sreelekha mitra photo



sreelekha mitra photo



sreelekha mitra photo

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