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Sherine is an Egyptian pop singer and actress, born on 8 October, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for her soundtracks “Lazim Aish”, “Mafeesh Marra”, “Einak”, “Ma Btefrahsh” and many more.


Name               : Sherine

Full Name        : Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahhab

Born                 : 8 October, 1980

Birth Place        : Cairo, Egypt

Horoscope       : Libra

Occupation       : Singer, Actress

Years Active    : 1998 – Present

Nationality        : Egyptian

Spouse             : Mohammad Mustafa (m. 2007–2012)


Sherine started her career with the “Ah Ya Leil” in 2000 and has since released several albums that consists two EPs and three LPs. From her young age, Sherine cites artists such as Warda and Samira Saeed to be her musical idols. She also expressed her love for Shadia, Najat Al Sagheera, Umm Kulthum, Fayza Ahmad in addition to Zekra and Assala Nasri from the modern era. She admitted in the Egyptian Music Institute but dropped out in the second year to perform for a living and a record company to represent her musical career.

Sherine met with Free Music Productions owner and manager Nasr Mahrous. Mahrous released Sherine’s debut album with the fellow singer Tamer Hosny, which included solo singles as well as duets. She released a compilation album titled “Roo”. The album included a film song “Balak”, with other songs such as “Afriqiya” and other songs by Tamer Hosny.

In 2005, Sherine released her first single “Ma Btefrahsh” and the promotions for Sherine’s new song, “Ma Btefrahsh” showed up on Melody Hits. The song became popular, and it was featured on a mixtape along other singles by fellow Free Music artists like Bahaa Sultan, Souma and Tamer Hosny. Then the mixtape featured another single by Sherine under the title, “Einak” and these songs were frequently aired on Radio channels.

Sherine’s new single was promoted on Melody Hits TV in August 2005 and an another promo had a sample from her second single titled “Mafeesh Marra” at the same time.

After a week later, she released her another single titled “Lazim Aish”, which was also produced and directed by Nasr Mahrous. The album became the best selling album that year.

Single Soundtracks:

  • Ma Btefrahsh
  • Einak
  • Baladi ft. Muhammad Noor
  • Al’am Al Jadeed ft. Fadl Shaker
  • Lebnan Fel Alb (Dedicated to Lebanon)
  • Albi Leek ft. Hany Shakir
  • Ma Sherebtesh Mn Nelha
  • Bahibik Ya Omi
  • Mshaa’er


  • Free Mix 3 with Tamer Hosny (2002)
  • Garh Tany (2003)
  • Lazem A’eesh (2005)
  • Bataminak (2008)
  • Habeat (2009)
  • Esaal Alaya (2012)
  • Ana Keteer (2014)


  • Tariqi: My Way (TV Series) (2015)
  • Mido Mashakel (2003)
  • Hekayet Hayah (TV Series) (2013)
  • An el Ashq wel Hawa  (2006)
  • Mbc the Voice (TV Series) (2012 – 2015)
  • Arab Idol (TV Series) (2013)
  • Super Star (TV Series) (2004)

Personal Life:

Sherine was born in Cairo and grew up next to the Citadel in a very modest and simple neighborhood. Her lifestyle was far from luxurious. She developed a strong inclination and passion towards singing since her early age.

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