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Sherihan is an Egyptian actress, singer and dancer, born on 6 December, 1964 in Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for her acting in television series “Alf Layla we Layla” (1985), “Fawazeer Al Amthal” (1986), “Hawl Al Alam” (1987) and “Fawazeer Hagat we Mehtagat (1993).


Name               : Sherihan

Full name        : Sherihane Ahmed Abdel-Fatah Al-Shalakani

Born                : December 6, 1964

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Horoscope       :  Sagittarius

Occupation      : Actress, Model

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Ala Al Khawaja

Children          : Taliya Al Khawaja, Loulwa Al Khawaja

Parents            : Awatef Hashem, Ahmed Abdul Fattah Al Shalaqany


Sherihan is the sister if famous actor and guitarist Omar Khorshid, who died in the year 1981. He presented several successful film titles and aided his sister’s acting career. She was asked to act in her first film “A Cat on Fire” in 1977 at her age of 12 years old, where she played the role of the granddaughter of Farid Shawky and the niece of actress Poussy and Nour El Sherif. Then she acted in a TV series titled “The Miracle” in 1978.

In addition to a lot of films, Sherihane was famous for her dance performance in shows during the “Fawazeer shows of Ramadan”. She showed her talent in the television series “Alf Layla we Layla” (1985), “Fawazeer Al Amthal” (1986), “Hawl Al Alam” (1987) and “Fawazeer Hagat we Mehtagat (1993). Her last film was “Al-Eshk Wal-Damm” which was released in 2001.



  • Date Wine (1997)
  • Youm Har Giddan (1994)
  • Al Hob Wa Alro’ab (1992) 
  • The Scorpion (1990)
  • Fedihat Al Omr (1989)
  • El Towk Wa El Eswera (1986)
  • Take Care of Your Mind (1985)
  • Raya Wa Sekina (1983)
  • Al-azraa wa al shaar al abyad (1983)
  • Al Eshk Wal Damm (2001)
  • Gabr Al Khawater (1996)
  • Checkmate (1995)
  • Crystal (1993)
  • A Cat on Fire (1978)
  • The Homeless Two (1983)
  • The milky way (1983)
  • The Virgin and the White Hair (1983)
  • The Woman and the Law (1988)
  • Who’s the Thief Among Us (1984)
  • The Dam Street (1986)

Television Series:

  • Alf Layla Wa Layla (1985)
  • Fawazeer Al Amthal (1986)
  • Hawl Al Alam (1987)
  • Hagat We Mehtagat (1993)

Personal Life:

Sherihan is the daughter of Awatef Hashem, who died in 1987 and the sister of famous actor and guitarist Omar Khourshid. She has two sisters, named Gihan and Hwaida. She married a rich Jordanian businessman Ala Al Khawaja and they gave birth to their first daughter named Loulwa and gave birth to a second daughter named Taliya in 2009.

She had a serious car accident in 1989 and she had to suffer for three years in a hospital in Paris and she being paralyzed for the rest of her life. Sherihan was affected with cancer formed on her face and she had to undergo a 17 hour surgery on her face to remove the tumor. Then she decided to pursue a religious life and adopted the headscarf. 

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