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Shadia is an Egyptian actress and singer, born on 8 February, 1930 in Cairo, Egypt. She is famous for her roles in light comedies and drama in the 1950s and 1960s. She is best known for “My Thirteenth Wife” (1962), “Shey Min El Khouf” (1969) and “Chased by the Dogs” (1962).


Name               : Shadia

Birth Name     : Fatima Ahmad Kamal Sarker

Born                : 8 February, 1930

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Horoscope       : Aquarius

Occupation      : Actress

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Salah Zulfikar (m. 1967–1969), Emad Hamdy (m. 1953–1956)


Shadia started her career at the age of 13 years old with a small role in the film “Flowers and Thongs”, directed by Helmy Rafla. Later Rafla selected her after this film to become the leading actress in the film alongside famous actor and singer Mohamed Fawzy and from here Shadia started her long acting career on the silver screen.  

Shadia appeared in the leading role in the Egyptian version of Lady X, titled “The Unknown Woman” in the 1950s and she became an attractive name for the Egyptian film. In 1960s and 1970s, Shadia began to present the novels of great Egyptian Novelists like Naguib Mafouz’s “Miramar” and “The Road”. She also acted in “My Thirteenth Wife” in 1962, “Shey Min El Khouf” in 1969.

Before retiring from the Show Biz forever, Shadia presented her appearance on Stage, by presenting a successful play in the 1980s “Raya and Sakina”, a musical comedy and her magnificent role in “Don’t ask who I am”, a hard tragic realistic drama, both are masterpieces.


  • La Tasalni Man Ana
  • Memories of the Valley 
  • Zat al Wajhein 
  • Shey Min El Khouf 
  • My Wife’s Goblin 
  • Mabodet El Gamahir
  • My Wife’s Dignity 
  • A Thousand and One Nights 
  • The Road 
  • Alley of the Pestle
  • The Miracle 
  • Chased by the Dogs 
  • The Student 
  • My Thirteenth Wife 
  • Agony of Love 
  • The Fugitive 
  • Virgin Hearts 
  • Farewell to Your Love 
  • Lawahez 
  • Wakeful Eyes 
  • Dalila 
  • Farewell at Dawn
  • The Leech
  • Once in a Lifetime
  • Song of Truth 
  • Appointment with Life 
  • One Must Be Fair 
  • Stronger Than Love 
  • Women of Pleasure 
  • Women Can’t Lie 
  • A Father’s Mistake 
  • Between Two Hearts
  • Guard Your Tongue 
  • I and My Love 
  • I Made a Mistake 
  • The Bread-Seller 
  • A Drop of Dew 
  • Love All the Way 
  • My Children
  • My Mother-in-Law Is an Atomic Bomb 
  • The Embezzler’s House 
  • The Road of Happiness 
  • The Unlucky One
  • To Whom Do I Complain? 
  • Occupied with Others 
  • Storm in Springtime 
  • The Caravan Continues 
  • The Sound of the Telephone 
  • The Champion
  • Just My Luck!
  • People’s Gossip 
  • Justice from Heaven
  • The Doves of Peace 

Personal Life:

Shadia was born in a family with Turkish roots. Her dad was an agriculture engineer working in the Royal gardens and farms in Anshas. Shadia has two sisters, Afaf and Soad who died last year and two brothers Mohamed and Taher.


Shadia married for two times. The first marriage was with Egyptian actor Emad Hamdy in 1953 and divorced in 1956. Then she married famous actor Salah Zulfikar in 1967 and divorced in 1969.


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