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Serif Sezer is a Turkish actress, who is also known for her roles in Turkish films, including “Yol” (1982), “Everything About Mustafa” (2004) and “My Father and My Son” (2005).


Name               : Serif Sezer

Born                : 1943

Birth Place      : Mudanya, Turkey

Height             : 5’ 7” (1.72 m)

Profession       : Actress

Years Active   : 1980 – Present

Nationality      : Turkish

Spouse             : Azmi Arna (m. 1971)

Children          : Deniz Arna

Education and Career:

At the age of fourteen, Serif Sezer can’t dare to go to secondary school with her two year old daughter. With the courage of the teacher who saw the success of the lessons, she goes to the middle school. In the first year of high school, she went to watch a game of boarding students and is eager to read in the conservatory. The next year when a classmate applied to the conservatory, she is encouraged and engaged with it. 

After finishing her school, she entered into the Ankara State Theater. At first she played in the “Corner Head” game of Ahmet Kutsi Tecer. Six years later, she jumped in a friend’s car from Paris to Istanbul and returns to Turkey. She relocated to Istanbul, but there does not have any vacancies at the Istanbul State Theater and makes a waitress at the Sheraton Hotel’s bar to earn money. Four years later, with the change of the martial of the State Theater, Serif Sezer returns to the theater with the call to the old graduates. The first cinema performed in 1980 with Sinan Cetin. In 1981, Serif Sezer gets a turning point in his career. Serif Goren takes Sherif Sezer’s photographs to Yilmaz Guney’s prison to play in his new film. Yilmaz Guney likes black and white photographs taken by Sinan Cetin. “The road” movie, which made a big impact and won the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1982. Erden Kiral’s “Seasons in Hakkari” film, which she played in the same year, is also rewarded with the Silver Bear in Berlin in 1983.

 In 1988, she was involved in many feature films, TV series and television films. Since 2003, Serif Sezer has been in the films, television series, television films and occasional theater projects every year. The artist has won numerous prizes for his successful acting.


  • The Lamb (2014)
  • After the Revolution (2011)
  • Secret of the Sultan (2010)
  • Piano Girl (2009)
  • The Messenger (2007)
  • My Father and My Son (2005)
  • Everything About Mustafa (2003)
  • Summer Love (2001)
  • Yol (1982)

TV Shows:

  • Karagul (2013)
  • Lale Devri (2011)
  • Sinif (2008)
  • Beyaz Gelincik (2007)
  • YersizYurtsuz (2007)
  • Asmali Konak (2002)

Personal Life:

Serif Sezer is the biggest daughter of her parents. She has her own little twin sisters but one of them died of a diver. Her parents’ divorce when she is eight years old. She could not see her mother for six years, who settled in Ankara.

Serif Sezer

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