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Sawsan Badr is an Egyptian of film and television actress, born on 25 September, 1957 in Cairo, Egypt. She played the role of a princess in “Death of a Princess” in 1980, which was directed by British director Antony Thomas.


Name               : Sawsan Badr

Full Name       :  Susan Ahmad Badr Al Din Abu Talib

Born                : 25 September, 1957

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

 Horoscope      : Libra

Occupation      : Actress

Nationality      : Egyptian

Children          : Yasmine Osama Abou Taleb

Parents            : Amal Salem, Ahmed Badr El Deen

Spouse             : Farid Al Morshdy


Sawsan Badr completed her graduation from the High Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1979, after leaving her studies in the faculty of Science. She started her acting career with the British film “Death of a Princess” by British director Antony Thomas in 1980. The film made a stir at its premiere in Britain, because it infuriated the Saudi Arabian government for its portrayal of the kingdom’s history. That’s why Sawsan was blacklisted from the Egyptian and Saudi television and she lost many roles following the film. Although it made her very popular, she tried several times to leave Egypt, but finally she decided to change her name to Sawsan Badr.

Sawsan delivered an outstanding performance in her second film “Always My Love” in 1980, directed by Hussein Kamel. The Director Shadi Abdel Salam selected her to complete the role of Nefertiti in the film “Akhenaten”, because the director died before completing the film.

Sawsan received the Best Actress award for the play “Al Ard La Tanbit Al Zuhur” and for her role in the series “Dawlat Fahmy”. She also won a number of international awards for her role in “Al Dawair Al Mughlaqa” in 2001. She received the Best Actress Award at the 34th Cairo International Film Festival. She also appeared in many theater plays, including “Al Wad Sayyid Al Shaghal”.



  • Diamond Dust (Pre-production) (2017)
  • Balash Tebosni (2016)
  • Ot W Far (2015)
  • Saa’a wi Nos (2012)
  • Lust (2011)
  • El Watar (2010)
  • 678 (2010)
  • Walad w Bent (2010)
  • The Criminal (2009)
  • Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story (2009)
  • The Suspect (2009)
  • El Farah (2009)
  • The Replacement (2009)
  • Ibrahim Labyad (2009)
  • Cut and Paste (2006)
  • None But That! (2006)
  • Kiss Me Not on the Eye (2005)
  • From an Eye Look (2004)
  • The Fish’s Tail (2003)
  • Girl’s Love (2003)
  • Adams Way (2002)
  • Sehr El Oyoun (2002)
  • A Girl’s Secret (2001)
  • Closed Doors (1999)
  • Shams Elzanaty (1991)
  • Salam Ya Sahby (1986)
  • Death of a Princess (1980)

Television Series:

  • The Godfather  (2017)
  • Afrah AlQoba (2016) 
  • Grand Hotel (2016)
  • El Saba Wassaya (2014)
  • Napoleon wal Mahroussa (2012)
  • El Daly (2007 – 2011)
  • Al-Gamaa’a (2010)
  • Ayza Atgawez (2010)
  • Hanem Bent Basha (2009)
  • Banat Omry (2008)
  • Critical Moments (2007)
  • Imra’ah Fi Shaq Al-Ti’ban (2007)
  • Sara (2005)
  • El Attar wal Sabaa Banat (2002)
  • Hadith Alsabah wa Almassaa (2001)
  • Nesf Rabie’ Al-Akhar (1996)
  • Al Ziny Barakat (1995)

Personal Life:

Sawsan Badr is the daughter of actress Amal Salem. She married for five times and the best known among her marriages is married with scriptwriter Mohsen Zayed.

Sawsan Badr

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