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Rushdy Abaza was an Egyptian actor, born on 3 August, 1926 in Egypt. He was known for his role in the film “The Ten Commandments” (1956), “My Thirteenth Wife” (1962) and “I Want a Solution” (1975).


Full Name       : Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza

Born                : August 3, 1926

Birth Place      : Mansoura, Egypt

Height             : 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)

Horoscope       : Leo

Occupation      : Actor, Writer

Years Active   : 1948 – 1980

Died                : 27 July, 1980

Death Place     : Cairo, Egypt

Spouse             : Sabah (m. 1977–1977), Samia Gamal (m. 1958–1977), Taheyya Kariokka

Children          : Qismat Abaza


Rushdy Abaza studied at St. Mark’s College in Alexandria and he was fonder of bodybuilding and athletics than academic. He started his acting career with a small role in the film “The Little Millionaires” in 1948, alongside Faten Hamama, which was directed by Kamal Karim. Abaza get prominent roles by two Italian directors named Alessandrini and Virenco in the film “Amina” in 1949 and “Woman of Fire” in 1950. Director Husayn Fawzi chose Abaza for lead roles in “Sea of Love” opposite Naeema Akef in 1955 and in “Tamarind” in 1957.

His most important films are Kamal Al-Shaykh’s “Merchants of Death” (1953), Ezz Al-Din Zulfiqar’s “The Road of Hope” (1957) and Imra Fil-Tariq’s “Woman on the Road” (1958).

When he became famous, a flood of offers came and in 1960, he starred in eleven films. He was chosen by director Abbas Kamel for H-3 opposite Suad Husni in 1961.

As Abaza aged fifty, his health deteriorated, but he continued acting. He appeared in “I Want a Solution” (1975) by Barakat and “A World of Kids” (1975) by Muhammad Abd Al-Aziz.

Filmography (Selected):

  • Daerat Al Shak 
  • Athkiya Laken Aghbiya 
  • A World of Chirldren 
  • Youm El-Ahad El-Damy 
  • Ayn Aqli 
  • Wakr al-Ashrar 
  • The Bad Guys 
  • Ghroob Wa Shrooq 
  • Baba Ayez Keda 
  • Rawaat el-Hob 
  • El Eib 
  • Endama nouheb 
  • His Excellency the Ambassador 
  • I Want a Solution
  • The Awful Men 
  • The Teddy Boys 
  • A Wife from Paris 
  • Bride of the Nile 
  • The Three Devils 
  • The Road 
  • The Small Witch 
  • Princess of the Arabs 
  • Beware of Eve 
  • My Thirteenth Wife 
  • A Heart in the Shadows 
  • Love and Sacrifice
  • No Return
  • Love and Faith 
  • Teenagers 
  • I and My Mother 
  • Meeting at Dusk 
  • My Beloved 
  • My Love’s Bugle 
  • The End of the Road 
  • The Police Inspector 
  • Angel and Devil 
  • Journey to the Moon 
  • Samra Sina 
  • Struggle on the Nile 
  • H-3
  • The Second Man 
  • Soultan
  • The Road of Hope 
  • Port Said 
  • Tamarind 
  • Sleepless 
  • Sea of Love 
  • Dalila 
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Brides for Auction 
  • Tragic Departure 
  • Valley of the Kings 
  • Pity My Tears 
  • The Spring Festival 
  • Foreman Hassan 
  • My Children 
  • The Conqueror 
  • Amina
  • A Woman of Fire 
  • The Man with Two Faces 
  • The Small Millionaire

Personal Life:

Rushdy Abaza born of an Italian mother and an Egyptian father and he was a member of a respectable old wealthy family whose members held high posts in the state. He married for four times. He was married to Sabah, Samia Gamal, Barbara and Taheya Cariocca.


Rushdy Abaza died of Brain Cancer on 27 July, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt at the age of 53. 

Rushdy Abaza

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