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Rania Youssef is an Egyptian actress and model, born on 6 July, 1965 in Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for her acting in “Wahed Saheh” (2011), “Alzheimer’s” (2010) and “Moga Harra” (2013).


Name               : Rania Youssef

Born                : 1 December, 1973

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Horoscope       : Cancer

Occupation      : Actress, Model

Nationality      : Egyptian

Parents            : Sayed Youssef

Children          : Yasmin Mokhtar, Nancy Mokhtar

Spouses           : Karim El Shabrawy, Mohamed Mokhtar


Rania Youssef worked as a fashion designer at the beginning of her career. She worked as a model at the starting of her acting career. She acted in small roles in television series and films in 1993. She appeared in a lot of television series, including “Riyah Al Madina”, “A’ilat Al Hajj Metwaly” and “Al Nisaa Qadimat”. Then she has taken part on increasingly controversial and racy roles in film, which has ruffled the feathers of many in Egypt and the Middle East countries.

She played the role of a gynecologist in “Wahed Sahih” in 2012, alongside Hani Salama, Ghada Adel, Kinda Alloush and Yousra Al Lozi. She also appeared in the role of Najlaa in th film “Alzheimer’s” in 2010.



  • Regatta (Nasrah) (2015)
  • Men Dahr Ragel (Magda) (2015)
  • Howa Fi Keda (2014)
  • Reklam (Dawlat) (2012)
  • Wahed Saheh (Farida) (2011)
  • Ant Scream (2011)
  • Alzheimer’s (Najlaa) (2010)
  • Aaz Ashab (Sara) (2009)
  • Cabaret (Shaima) (2008)

TV Series:

  • Afrah Al Qoba (2015)
  • El Saba Wassaya (2014)
  • Neeran Sadeeqa (2013)
  • Moga Harra (2013)
  • El Hag Metwali’s Family (2001)
  • The Seven Commandments (2014)
  • The eyes of the heart (2015)
  • Friendly Fire (2013)
  • A Hot Wave (2013)
  • Red Lines (2012)
  • The People of Cairo (2010)
  • War of Spies (2009)
  • Regal and West Stat Part IV (2009)
  • Yacoubian’s Building (2007)
  • Tash Ma Tash (2007)
  • Sultan of Love (2007)
  • Your Dreams are Orders (2007)
  • The Mountain (2006)
  • Attar and the Seven Girls (2002)
  • Young Men
  • Days of Love and Purity
  • Warm
  • Tears in the River of Love
  • Sameer and His Great Family
  • Tight Tendon
  • Layla’s Crazy
  • Girls in Thirty
  • Return
  • Shatt Alexandria
  • Ali Mubarak
  • Al-Fanar
  • Hold you on Air
  • Word is Right
  • Hour
  • Shakool Days
  • Notorious Memoirs
  • Forward Maraggers
  • Awlad Al Ghali
  • Biography of the Assyrian
  • Taste of caviar
  • Dancing with Flowers
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Women are Coming
  • Knight of Romance

Personal Life:

Rania Youssef’s father was an officer and her mother was an air hostess. She married several times. At first, she married the businessman Karim Al Shabrawi. They are now divorced. She also married producer Muhammad Mukhtar and gave birth to her daughters named Yasmine and Nancy.

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