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Ramez Galal is an Egyptian actor and singer. Ramez Galal is an actor, born on 20 April, 1973 in Cairo, Egypt. He is best known for his role in the series “Ramez Plays with Fire” (2016) and the film “El Basha Telmiz” (2004) and “55 Esaaf” (2001).


Name               : Ramez Galal

Full Name       : Ramez Mohamed Galal Tawfik

Born                : April 20, 1973

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Horoscope       : Aries

Occupation      : Actor, Singer

Nationality      : Egyptian

Parents            : Galal Tawfik

Siblings           : Yasser Galal

Hobbies           : Acting, Singing, Football, Swimming, Traveling 

Education and Career:

Ramez Galal studied in Kasr Al TEFL Primary School and then moved to the EL Orman Preparatory School. After graduating from the EL Giza School, Ramez decided to join the High institute of dramatic art, the acting and directing section to fulfill his great passion of acting. His first appearance was French series when he was a baby and in his youth, he worked in “Goz we Loz” (Almonds and Nuts) and other television productions when he was in the institute of art. After graduation, he joined military service and then he back to resume acting in films. 

After a long break, Ramez returned with the television series “Hayaat Al Gohary”, starring Youssra and Moustafa Fahmy, which give him fame. He also participated in the play “Feema Yabdou Saraou Abdou” and “El Shabka El Mashowra.

Ramez presented the television series “Al Shabaka Al Mashoura” for children. Then he came to the films “55 Essaf” (2001) “Meedo Maashakel” (2003), “Al Baasha Telmez” (2004), “Hobbak Naar” (2004), which paved his way to become a star.

He also appeared in many television series “El Ragol El Tayeb”, “El Kdaa Fe El Aslam”, “Wa Tahat Baad El Omr El Tawel” and “Alf Leila we Leila”


Television Series:

  • El Ragol El Tayeb
  • Nas Wlad Nas
  • El Waad El Haq
  • El Kdaa Fe El Aslam
  • Ant Last Zawgy
  • Hayat El Gowhary
  • Rod Kalby
  • Alf Leila we Leila
  • El Ragol El Akhar
  • El Seira El Ashorya
  • Fe Antzar El Omr
  • Wa Tahat Baad El Omr El Tawel
  • El Bar El Gharby
  • Wagaa El Boad
  • Khial El Zel
  • El Asian Part 1
  • Zinat we wl Talat Banat

Theater Plays:

  • Gowz we Loz
  • Fema Yabdo Sarao Abdo
  • El Shabka El Mashowra


  • Kanghar Hubbena (2016) 
  • Ghesh Al Zawgeyya (Hazem) (2012)
  • Shebh Monharef (Naser) (2008)
  • Rash Boy Dreams (Wahid) (2007)
  • Ghawy Hob (2006)
  • Eial Habeba (2005)
  • Ahlam Omrena (2005)
  • Hobak Nar (Tarik) (2004)
  • El Basha Telmiz (Hamza) (2004)
  • Mido Mashakel (Ramzy) (2003)
  • 55 Esaaf (Magdy) (2001)

Personal life:

Ramez Galal was the son of the great director Galal Tawfik. His brother is also an actor Yasser Galal.

Ramez Galal

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