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Poussy is an Egyptian television and film actress. She was born on 26 November, 1951 in Shubra, Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for her acting in “Zeyara Al Akhira” (1986), “Saat Al Fazagh” (1986) and “Al Dhahaya (The Victims)” (1975).


Name               : Poussy

Real Name       : Shafinaz Qadry

Born                 : 26 November, 1951

Birth Place        : Shubra, Cairo, Egypt

Occupation       : Actress

Nationality        : Egyptian

Spouse             : Nour El Sherif (m. 2015 – 2015)

                          Nour El Sherif (m. 1972 – 2006)

Children           : Mai Nour El Sherif, Sarah Nour El Sherif, Osama Nour El Sherif

Siblings : Noura Elweya Qadry


Poussy started her acting career at a very young age, through participating in many films and children’s programs. She was involved with Ahmed Mahzhar in his film “Naar Fi Sadry”. She also involved in children’s plays, including “Loza and Bondok”, “The Red Shoe” and “Ferdos Hotel” as well as the television series “Come Back Mum”. Later, she worked with the Stage Lights Triplet band in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Later, Poussy worked extensively with actor Farouk El Fishawy and Nour El Sherif. Her most notable works include “Zeyara Al Akhira”, “Saat Al Fazagh”,  “Al Dhahaya (The Victims)” and many more.

She was honored with the Asala festival in Areesh in 2003.


  • Intabiho Ayoha Al Azwag (1990)
  • Al Kammasha (1987)
  • Saat Al Fazagh (1986)
  • Istighatha Min Al Alam Il-Akhr (1985)
  • El Hokm Akher El Galssa (1985)
  • Oncle Zizou habibi (1977)
  • Al Dhahaya (The Victims) (1975)
  • Kheit al rafeigh (1971)
  • Al Amaleqa (The giants) (1974)
  • Lyaly Lan Taaood (Nights that will never return) (1974)
  • Sana Ola Hobb (1976)
  • Seqan Fel Wahl (1976)
  • Qwtta Ala Nar (A cat on fire) (1977)
  • Laenet Al Zaman (The curse of time) (1979)
  • Al Aasheqa (1980)
  • Habibi Daeman (1980)
  • Fottowat Boulak (1981)
  • Fettowat Al Gabal (1982)
  • Marzooka (1983)
  • Al Zammar (1984)
  • Al Shaytan Youghanny (1984)
  • Fettewwet Al Nas Al Ghalaba (1984)
  • Seraa Al Ayyam (1985)
  • Al Zeyara Al Akheera (The last visit) (1986)
  • Al Amaleyya 42 (198).
  • Ragol Fe Fakh Al Nasaa (1987)
  • Lebet Al Kobar (1987)
  • Zaman Hatem Zahran (1988)
  • Shayateen Al Madina (1991)
  • Ibn Al Gabal (1992)
  • Leabet Al Entqam (1992)
  • Karawana (1993)
  • Al Aasheqan (2000)
  • Al Lahazat Allaty Ekhtafet (2001)

Personal Life:

Poussy was married to the Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif in 1972 and they gave birth to two daughters named Mai Nour El Sherif, Sarah Nour El Sherif and a son named Osama Nour El Sherif. But they got divorced in 2006 and then got married again in 2015. She is the sister of Noura Elweya Qadry. She was a military general before she entered again into show business.


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