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Naguib El Rihani was an Egyptian actor, born on 21 January, 1889 in Bab El Shereya, Cairo, Egypt. He was also a writer and he is known for his acting in “Mr. Omar” (1941), “The Flirtation of Girls” (1949) and “Salama Is Safe” (1938).


Name               : Naguib El Rihani

Nick Name      : The Sarcastic Philosopher

Born                : 21 January, 1889

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Died                : 8 June, 1949

Death Place     : Cairo, Egypt

Occupation      : Actor

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Badia Masabni (m. 1925–1949)

Parents            : Elias El Rihani


Naguib El Rihani studied in the French school “Les Frères” in Cairo. In the late 1910s, he established his a theatrical group in Cairo and partnered with his close friend Badeih Khairy in adapting many French theatre hits to the Egyptian stage.

He appeared in many plays, including “Hassan, Morcos & Cohen”, “30 Yom Fee El Segn”, “El Donia Lama Tedhak”, “Lawe Kont Heleiwa”, “El Donia Lama Tedhak”, “El Guineh El Masry”, “Hamar We Halawa”, “Kesh Kesh Bey Fee Paris”, “Taaleeli Ya Bata” and many more.

Rihani retired from the stage in 1946 after being appeared in the wonderful charity and several old friends in art over 33 of the most important plays.

Subsequently he went to the cinema with a dozen films. He took part in his first film “Saheb Al Saada KeshKesh Beh” in 1931.

Theater plays:

  • Taaleeli Ya Bata
  • El Rial (1917)
  • Kesh Kesh Bey Fee Paris
  • Hamar We Halawa
  • Ala Keifak
  • El Ashra El Tayeba (1920)
  • Ayam El Ezz
  • Lawe Kont Malik
  • Mamlaket El Hob
  • El Guineh El Masry (1931)
  • El Donia Lama Tedhak (1934)
  • Hokm Karakosh (1936)
  • Kismiti (1936)
  • Lawe Kont Heleiwa (1938)
  • El Dalouah (1939)
  • 30 Yom Fee El Segn
  • El Setat Ma Yearfoush Yekdebo
  • Ela Khamsa (1943)
  • Hassan, Morcos & Cohen (1945)


  • Saheb Al Saada KeshKesh Beh (1931)
  • Yacout (1934)
  • Besalamtoh Ayez Yetgawwez (1936)
  • Salamah Fe Kheer (1937)
  • Abou Halmoos (1941)
  • Leabet Al Set (1941)
  • Si Omar (1941)
  • Ahmar Shafayef
  • Ghazal Al Banat (1949)

Personal Life:

Naguib El Rihani was born to a Syriac catholic father from the city of Mosul in Iraq named, Elias El Rihani who worked as a horse expert and trader. He eventually settled in Cairo, where he met and married Naguib’s mother, who is a Coptic Egyptian woman from Cairo.

He married Badia Masabni in 1925, who is a Levantine actress and dancer. She settled in Cairo and established her famous cabaret “Casino Badia”. They divorced before his death in 1949.


Naguib El Rihani died at the age of 60 years in Cairo of typhus, while filming his last film “Ghazal Al Banat”

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