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Musa Uzunlar is a Turkish actor. He is known for “Valley of the Wolves Gladio” (2009), “Poyraz Karayel” (2015) and “Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?” (2010). He played a lot of different roles in Turkish TV series and theaters.


Name               : Musa Uzunlar

Born                : 22 April, 1959

Birth Place      : Antalya, Turkey

Horoscope       : Taurus

Nationality      : Turkish

Profession       : Actor

Education and Career:

Musa Uzunlar completed his graduation from Mimar Sinan University Theater Department in 1983 and he entered the Istanbul State Theater in the same year. He worked as an actor and director in Bursa, Ankara and Istanbul State Theaters.

In addition to the administrative duties of State Theaters, he also worked as director of the State Theater, Sports Club and State Opera and Ballet Employee Foundation TOBAV. He directed many plays at State Theaters in Bursa, Adana, Diyarbakır, Trabzon, Ankara and Istanbul. He also directed plays in Izmit City Theater, Bakirkoy Municipality Theater, Eskisehir Theater Anatolia, Yeditepe Players, Abdullah Sahin or Nokta Theater, Theater Ti, Ankara Maliye Theater, Theater Adam and Macedonia Skopje Halklar Theater and Bulgarian Ruse State Theater.

He has also acted as an actor in many casts at special and paid theaters. He wrote two games named, “Huzun Neighborhood Bus” and the “Ninja of the Tortoise”. The province was published and staged at the State Theater. He worked as an instructor at Uludag University Education Faculty, Eskisehir Anadolu University State Conservatory Theater Department, Mimar Sinan University, Department of Stage and Visual Arts Main Art Department and State Conservatory Theater Department.

He is currently working as an instructor at Halic University and Yeditepe University. He also works in cinema, television and dubbing. He is the head of the TOBAV Istanbul Branch.


Films and TV Series:

  • Wolves Valley Ambush (2008)
  • Rain Time (2004)
  • Merdoglu (2000)
  • Imagination Games (1999)
  • Nilgun (1999) 
  • Fire Dance (1998)
  • Super Father (1993)
  • All Doors Closed (1990)
  • Past Spring Mimosas (1989)
  • All the Doors Closed (1991)
  • Dreaming Games (1999)
  • Simultaneous Spouse of the Soul (2011)
  • The Valley of the Wolves: Gladio (2009)
  • Runners in the Dark (2001)
  • February (2012)
  • Darkness Flower: Company Owner Tariy bey (2012)
  • Poyraz Karayel (2014)

Theater Plays:

  • Measles Invitation (2010)
  • Dark Covered (2008)
  • Full Leaves (2004)
  • Lost City in the luggage (2006)
  • Wild (2003)
  • Efrasiyab’s stories (2001)
  • Hello 20th Century (1999)
  • Bandits (2000)
  • Urfaust and Goethe (1998)
  • Weather to Talk About Deaths (1997)
  • Monkey Law (1995)
  • Mahmut and Yezida (1994)
  • Geyikler Curses (1994)
  • Lausanne (1993)
  • War Tiredness Women (1992)
  • Afife Jale (1991)
  • Playing game (1988)
  • Ballar I found the ball (1989)
  • Human Maire (1987)
  • Ermis Jeanne (1986)
  • Decline (1984)
  • Dear Doctor (1984)
  • Lysistrata (1983)
  • Little Nasreddin (1983)
  • Istanbul Lordship (1983)
  • Kosem Sultan (1981)

Musa Uzunlar

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