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Mohammed Abdel Wahab was a prominent 20th century Egyptian singer, composer and actor, born on 13 March, 1901 in Cairo, Egypt. He is well known for “The Sheltering Sky” (1990), “The Time That Remains” (2009), “Rock the Cashbah” (2013) and “Free Man” (2011).


Name               : Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Born                 : 13 March, 1901

Birth Place        : Cairo, Egypt

Died                 : 4 May, 1991

Death Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Occupation       : Actor, Singer

Years Active    : 1917 – 1991

Nationality        : Egyptian

Spouse             : Nahal Al Qudsi (1958 – 1991), Iqbal (1944 – 1957)

Children           : Mohamed Mohammed Abdel Wahab


Mohammed Abdel Wahab was joined to musical theatre in Cairo at his young age and as a teenager he worked as a featured performer in a local theatre when he was seven years old. He made his first recordings when he was thirteen years old. Mohammed studied oud and traditional Arab music at Cairo’s Institute of Arab Music and also studied Western composition at the Bergran School.

The famous poet Ahmad Shawky introduced Mohammed to his friends in 1924 and he became a well-known entertainer and performer at upper level parties. His melodies with lyrics by Ahmad Shawky were extremely popular in all classes of people and Mohammed became popular as the Singer to Princes and Kings. He started writing musicals in the 1920s, which incorporated Western music with Arab melodies and also introduced tango, samba and rumba. This blend of Arab and western music created the template for modern Arabic popular music. Some of his early recordings, amazing oud playing are collected on HMV Recordings, Vol. 1, HMV Recordings, Vol. 2 and Les Archives De La Musique Arabe – Mohamed Abdel Wahab Vol.2 1927. He completed the musical Antony and Cleopatra, which was an unfinished work by Said Darwish in 1926, which was later recorded for the album “Cleopatra” (1996 EMI Arabia, 2002 Virgin France.)

In 1933, Mohammed made his film debut as an actor and later he made seven light romantic musical comedies. His roles usually played by himself and they were witty and sophisticated, which was a big change from the usual. His starring role in the film “The White Flower” broke attendance records and the film still plays in the Egyptian theaters.

In 1953, after the Egyptian monarchy was overthrown by a military coup, which was lead by Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mohammed began writing more serious and patriotic songs. He stopped making films for concentrating on his singing and composing. He composed the national anthem of the United Arab Republic in 1958the new country. He made a few public appearances after he stopped recording. He released a new song “Al Habib al Maghoul” in 1988, which immediately sold about two million copies.


  • Eyes of a Thief (2014)
  • Rock the Casbah (2013)
  • Juliet’s Pants (TV Series) (2012)
  • Free Men (2011)
  • The Time that Remains (2009)
  • Zinzana (TV Series) (2001)
  • Florentine (TV Series) (1997)
  • The Sheltering Sky (1990)


  • I’m No Angel (1947)
  • A Bullet in the Heart (1944)
  • Love Is Forbidden (1942)
  • A Happy Day (1940)
  • Long Live Love (1938)
  • Love’s Tears (1936)
  • The White Rose (1933)


Mohammed Abdel Wahab died of heart failure on 4 May, 1991 in Cairo, Egypt. 

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Mohammed Abdel Wahab
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Singer, Composer & Actor

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