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Mohamed Mounir is an Egyptian singer and actor. He incorporates several genres into his music, including classical Arabic Music, Nubian music, blues, jazz and reggae. He is also an actor, known for his acting in “Kiss Me Not on the Eyes” (2005), “Destiny” (1997) and “Hadduta Misrija” (1982).


Name               : Mohamed Mounir

Born                : 10 October, 1954

Birth Place      : Aswan Governorate, Egypt

Occupation      : Singer, Actor

Years Active   : 1977 – Present

Nationality      : Egyptian


Mohamed Mounir completed his graduation from the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University. He was discovered by the activist Zaky Murad, who introduced him to the famous poet Abdel Rehim Mansour. He also met the famous Nubian musician Ahmed Mounib, who wrote and composed many of his songs. He worked with the musician Hany Shenouda and his band on his music albums and then collaborate with the Jazz musician Yehia Khalil on his several albums.

Mounir’s albums and live concerts achieved popularity in the 1980s and he became one of the most popular Egyptian singers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

As well as, he also acted in several films with his debut film “Haduta Masreya” directed by Youssef Chahin in 1982. He also appeared in “Youm Mor we Youm Helw” (1988), “El Youm El Sades” (1986) and “El Masir” (1997), many television series and theatre plays.



  • Alemony Eneeki (1977)
  • Bnetweled (1978)
  • Shababeek (1981)
  • Etkalemy (1983)
  • Bareea (1986)
  • West El Dayra (1987)
  • Shokolata (1989)
  • Ya Eskenderia (1990)
  • Meshwar (1991)
  • El Tool We El Loon We El Horya (1992)
  • Eftah Albak (1994)
  • Momken (1995)
  • Men Awel Lamsa (1996)
  • El Farha (1999)
  • Fi Eshg El Banat (2000)
  • Ana Alby Masaken Shabya (2001)
  • El Ard… El Salam (2002)
  • Ahmar Shafayef (2003)
  • Embareh Kan Omry Eshren (2005)
  • Ta’m El Beyout (2008)
  • Ahl El Arab Wel Tarab (2012)
  • El-Rooh Lel-Rooh Dayman Bet’hen (2017)
  • Hadouta Masreia (1982)
  • El Malek Howa El Malek (1988)
  • Maadarsh (1993)
  • El Maseer (1997)
  • Habeebty (1998)
  • Dunia – Ode To Liberty (2006)



  • Hadouta Masreia (1982) 
  • Al Yawm Al Sades (1986)
  • Al Tokk Wa Eswera (1987)
  • Youm Mor We Youm Helw (1988)
  • Shabab Ala Kaf Afreet (1990)
  • Ishtebah (1991)
  • Leih Ya Haram (1991)
  • Hekayat Al Ghareb (1992)
  • Al Bahth An Tut Ankh Amun (1994)
  • Destiny (1997)
  • Kiss Me Not on the Eyes (2005)
  • Mafesh Gher Keda (2006)


  • Bakkar
  • Ali Elewa
  • Gomhoreyat Zefta (Republic of Zefta)
  • Al Moghani (The Singer)


  • El Malek El Malek
  • Al Shahateen
  • Masa Al Kheer Ya Masr

Personal Life:

Mohamed Mounir was born in 1951 in a village of Aswan, the southernmost Egyptian governorate. Due to the High Dam forced displacement crisis, he moved with his family to live in Cairo.

Mohamed Mounir

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