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Menna Shalabi is a beautiful Egyptian film and television actress, born on 22 July, 1982 in Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for her work in “Al Saher” (2011), “An Eleshk Wel Hawa” (2006), “Heya Fawda” (2007), “Asef Ala Al Izaag” (2008), and “Noor Einy” (2010). 


Name               : Menna Shalabi

Full Name       : Mennat Allah Mohammad Hisham Shalabi

Born                : 22 July, 1982

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Occupation      : Actress

Years Active   : 2000 – Present

Nationality      : Egyptian

Horoscope       : Leo

Parents            : Zizi Mustafa, Hisham Shalabi

Education and Career:

Menna Shalaby had a passion for acting from a very early age. Often she used to sit in front of the mirror and pretend to be like her mother. When she was in her late teens, she made her film debut with “Al Saher” as the role of Nour in 2001. Later, she appeared in a leading role beside Layla Elwy in the film “Baheb El Seema” in 2004. She has acted with several famous actors and directors such as alongside Youssef Chahine in the film “Heya Fawda” in 2007, Ahmed Abdallah in the film “Microphone” in 2010 and with Yousry Nasrallah in the film “After the Battle” in 2012. Menna has also appeared in many films, including “Banat Wust el Balad” (2005), “Ouija” (2006) and “Ezaet Hob” (2011).

Menna Shalabi is most famous for her performances in numerous Egyptian films like “Heya Fawda” (2007), “Asef Ala Al Izaag” (2008), and “Noor Einy” (2010). She is also a television actress and she appeared in many television series such as “El Banat”, “Hadith AlSabah Wal Masaa”, and many other popular series.

She received the National Film Festival for Egyptian Cinema Best Actress Awards for her role in the films “An Eleshk Wel Hawa” and “Al Saher” in 2007 and 2011.


  • Diamond Dust (pre-production) (2017)
  • Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces (2016) 
  • Nawara (2015)
  • Jews’ Alley (TV Series) (2015)
  • Neeran Sadeeqa (TV Series) (2013)
  • Helm Aziz (2012)
  • After the Battle (2012)
  • Eza’at Hubb (2011)
  • Bebo Wa Bashir (2011)
  • Microphone (2010)
  • Al-Gamaa’a (TV Series) (2010)
  • Light of My Eyes (2010)
  • The Replacement (2009)
  • Sorry for the Disturbance (2008)
  • Alawela Fel Gharam (2007)
  • Chaos, This Is (2007)
  • Keda Reda (2007)
  • Wahed Men El Nas (2007) 
  • Fe Mahatet Masr (2006)
  • Ouija (2006)
  • An El Ashq Wel Hawa (2006)
  • Downtown Girls (2005)
  • Ahlam Omrena (2005)
  • El Sayed Abo El Araby Wasal (2005)
  • Joys of Life (2005)
  • Shabab Take Away (2004)
  • Enta Omry (2004)
  • I Love Cinema (2004)
  • The Best of Times (2004)
  • Film Hindi (2004)
  • Watch Out for Your Face (2004)
  • Kallem Mama (2003)
  • El Banat (TV Mini-Series) (2003)
  • Ayna Qalbi (TV Mini-Series) (2002)
  • Al Saher (2001)
  • Hadith Alsabah wa Almassaa (TV Series) (2001)
  • Salma Ya Salama (TV Series) (2000)
  • The Storm (2000)

Personal Life:

Menna Shalabi is the daughter of the famous dancer and performer Zizi Mustafa.

Menna Shalabi

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