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Ismail Hacioglu is a Turkish actor and son of former Fenerbahce player Mehmet Hacioglu. He is well known for his acting in “Beyaz Gelincik” (2005), “For Love and Honor” (2007) and “Children of the Otherside” (2008).


Name               : Ismail Hacioglu

Born                : 30 November, 1985

Birth Place      : Istanbul, Turkey

Height             : 6’ 1” (1.86 m)

Weight            : 72 kg

Horoscope       : Spring

Nationality      : Turkish

Profession       : Actor

Spouse             : Vildan Atasever (m. 2010 – 2015)

                          Duygu Kaya (m. 5 February, 2016)

Father              : Mehmet Hacioglu

Siblings           : Kardelen Hacioglu

Education and Career:

Ismail Hacioglu started acting in the plays when he was in the 5th grade of primary school and he took his education in the Theater Department of Mujdat Gezen Arts Center. After studying theater for a while, he took part in the theater plays as an amateur. Then he made an outdoor speech in some commercials. He left his college education to work because he focused more on his acting career.

Hacioglu first appeared in the film directed by Cagan Irmak, named “Wish Me Luck” in 2001. Despite being the first film yet, he played a leading role in the character of Caglar in this film. He caught his fame with the movie “Test”, which was released in 2006. He is moving in a bright line from the beginning of his career and won the 40th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival “Hope Giving Young Player Award” with his performance in the film. Hacioglu was awarded the “Best Actor Award” at 16th Sadri Famous Awards for his performance in “The Jackal”, which was released in 2010. He has also appeared in a lot of successful films such as “The Governor”, “For Love and Honor”, “The Exam”, “Anlat Istanbul” and “Meryem”.

He has managed to be known as a cinema director rather than a series, married Vildan Atasever. However, after marrying for a couple of years, he left in January 2015.


  • Sonsuz Bir Ask (2015)
  • Signora Enrica Ile Italyan Olmak (2010)
  • The Jackal (2010)
  • Baska Semtin Cocuklari (2009)
  • Sonsuz (2009)
  • The Governor (2009)
  • 3 Apples Fell From the Sky (2008)
  • For Love and Honor (2007)
  • The Exam (2006)
  • Istanbul Tales (2005)
  • The Encounter (2003)
  • Bir Istanbul Masali (TV Series) (2003 – 2005)
  • Bana Sans Dile (2001)
  • Nine Months last Day (Theatrical Play)
  • White Gelincik (TV Series) (2005 – 2007)
  • Fly Grocery Store (TV Series) (2007)
  • Night Sounds (TV Series) (2008)
  • Firar (TV Setues) (2011)
  • Doubt (TV Series) (2011)
  • Ottoman Tokadi (TV Series) (2013)
  • Quarter to Zeyrek (TV Series) (2015)

Ismail Hacioglu

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Ismail Hacioglu

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