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Hussein Fahmy is a Ciecassian origin, Egyptian actor. He is well known for his acting in the film “Iskanderija, Kaman oue Kaman” (1989), “Allaeb Ma’a Alkebar” (1991) and “El Ar” (1982).


Name               : Hussein Fahmy

Born                : 22 March, 1940

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Occupation      : Actor

Years Active   : 1963 – Present

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Rana Algosaibi (m. 2013), Mervat Amin (1974 – 1986)

Children          : Mennat-Allah Hussein Fahmy, Naeela Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Hussein Fahmy

Education and Career:

Hussein Fahmy graduated from UCLA with a Master of Fine Arts degree. He worked as a teacher at the Academy of Arts for twelve years. Fahmy had wanted to be a director, but his good looks had pushed him in front of the camera in the 1960s, when he returned to Egypt. Following his return, he got an offer from Hassan Al-Imam for a role and thus he put off his directing project.

Fahmy participated in many plays, including “Inqilab”, “Ahlan ya Bakawwat”, “Embrator Emad Al-Deen”, “Sahlab” and “Ka’b Aaly”. His television appearance includes “Alf Leila wa Leila” and “Al-Mal wa Al-Banoun”.

Fahmy won award for the Best Actor for the films “Damy wa Dimoo’y wa Ibtisamaty”, “Al-Ikhwa al-A’daa”, “Al-Rasasa La Tazal fee Habiby” and “Intabiho Ayoha Al-Sada”. He also achieved the award for the “Best Cinema Research” at the Al-Neilein Festival in 1983 for his research into the relationship between the director and the performer.


  • Ya ward meen yeshtereek (TV Series) (2004)
  • Ikhtefaa Gaafar El-Mas (1998) 
  • El-bahs an Tut Ankh Amoun (1996) 
  • El Mal We El Banon (TV Series) (1995)
  • Allaeb ma’a alkebar (1991)
  • Iskanderija, kaman oue Kaman (1989) 
  • Gary El Wohosh (1987) 
  • El Waratha (1986)
  • Enqaz Ma Yomken Enqazo (1985) 
  • Safqa maa Emraa (1985)
  • Kelab el-herasa (1984) 
  • The Prince (1984)
  • Al-nasabin (1984)
  • Gedaan Bab El-Shareya (1983) 
  • El Ar (1982)
  • Bariq ayneyk (1982) 
  • A Trip of Terror (1981)
  • Maowid ala ashaa (1981)
  • Unconditionally Female (1980) 
  • Laila Baka Feha Al Qamar (1980) 
  • Ankethou Hathehi Al-Aela (1979) 
  • Sin of an Angel (1979)
  • Asiad we Abied (1978)
  • Genoun El Hob (1977)
  • Hekmatak ya Rab (1976) 
  • La Waqt Lil-Demoue (1976) 
  • Viva Zalata (1976) 
  • Al-Fatenah we El Saalouk (1976) 
  • Mean Yekdar Al-Aziza (1975)
  • Nagm fi hayati (1975) 
  • The Most Beautiful Days of My Life (1974) 
  • Amira Hobbi Ana (1974) 
  • Al-Rasasa la Tazalu fe Gaibi (1974) 
  • Malekat El Leil (1974) 
  • Agmal Ayam Hayaty (1974) 
  • Zohour Baria (1973) 
  • Ghoroba (1973) 
  • Bint Badia (1972) 
  • Khally Ballak Men ZouZou (1972) 
  • Madrasatee Al-Hisnaa (1971) 
  • The Lady of the Black Moons (1971) 
  • Alley of the Pestle (1963) 

Personal Life:

Hussein Fahmy was born in Cairo to an Egyptian father and a German mother.

He has been married five times. At first, he married an Egyptian ambassador’s daughter Nadia Moharram, whom he married after his graduation. They have two children. His second wife was the Egyptian actress Mervat Amin and they have a daughter, Menatallah. Later, he married a computer specialist, Hala Fathy. He married the actress Leeka Sewidan in 2008, whom he divorced in 2012. At last, he married a Bahrini businesswoman Rana Algosaibi in 2013 and divorced in 2016.

Hussein Fahmy

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