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Hamada Helal is an Egyptian singer and actor who was born on 20 March, 1980 in Sharqia, Egypt. Hamada Helal is known for his acting in “El Eial Herbet” (2006), “Amn Dawlat” (2011) and “Hamati Bithibbeni” (2014).


Name               : Hamada Helal

Full Name        : Mohamed Abd El Fatah Helal

Born                 : 20 March, 1980

Birth Place        : Faqous, Egypt

Horoscope       : Taurus

Occupation       : Actor, singer

Years Active    : 1990 – Present

Spouse             : Asmaa Sameeh (m. 2009)

Children           : Youssef Helal, Erma Helal

Albums : Bakhaf, Demooa, Dar El Zaman, Matolhash

Genres             : World music, Arabic music

Education and Career:

Hamada Helal started singing when he was five years old through recording his voice on cassette tapes. He has sung during the school breaks and entertainment periods in his school days, where one of his friends would play a drum, Hamada would sing and a girl would dance.

One of his relatives heard his song, while he was singing and took him to a musician when Hamada was seven years old. He learned the music basics and was encouraged by the musician. The musician told Hamda that, he will introduce him to sing at a wedding ceremony of one of his relatives after three months. Through this way, Hamada started his singing career.

Later, Hamada Helal met the famous composer Hassan Esh Esh and he who introduced him to Hamid Elshaerry and presented him to a recording studio to sing. They signed him up to a contract straight away.

Hamada Helal’s first appearance was on “High Quality album Part 3” as a professional singer and he participated in two songs. Later he produced four albums and his latest album title is “Waheshni”.

He has acted in several films, making his first appearance in the film “Lover Boys” in 2005. He also acted in


  • Hamati Bithibbeni (2012)
  • Mr and Mrs Oweis (2012)
  • Amn Dawlat (2011)
  • El Eial Herbet (Hassan) (2006)
  • Eial Habeba (Eid) (2005)


  • Al Ayam
  • Alamny
  • Amel Eah
  • Ana Koolet
  • Ana We El
  • Bakhaf
  • Bahebak Akher Haja
  • Battat Ahaboh
  • Dar El Zaman
  • Dameat Eneaha
  • Demooa
  • Dayman Domou3
  • Habeebi
  • Hamada Helal
  • Kal Eah
  • Kebeerak Youm
  • Leabha Saah
  • Mashy
  • Mastol
  • Matolhash
  • Mesh Al Had
  • Mosh Haaoul
  • Muhammad Nabina
  • Sahran
  • Sanah
  • Taheaty
  • Talat Arbaa Teyam
  • Tassawar
  • Waheshni
  • Wallah Bahaboh
  • Yala Ya Kadaba

Personal Life:

Hamada Helal was born in Sharkeya, Egypt. He was raised in a family of seven children. He is now living in Cairo, Egypt. He started his interest singing when he was only five years old. He used to record his song on a cassette tape. Hamada is influenced by many great Arabic artists such as Abd Elhalim, Mohamed Abdo and Om Kolthoum.

Hamada Helal

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