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Ghada Abdel Razek in an Egyptian film actress, who was6 born on 6 July, 1970 in Sharqia Governorate, Egypt. She is best known for her acting in “Alrayes Omar Harb” (2008), “Hekayet Hayah” (2013) and “Those Who Fear Are Dead” (2016).


Name               : Ghada Abdel Razek

Full Name        : Ghada Mohamed Abdelrazek Khalil 

Born                 : 6 July, 1970

Birth Place        : Sharqia Governorate, Egypt

Height              : 5’ 9” (1.77 m)

Horoscope       : Cancer

Occupation       : Actress

Nationality        : Egyptian

Parents             : Mohamed Abdel Razek

Spouse             : Mohamed Fouda (m. 2013), Mohamed Fouda (m. 2012 – 2012)

Children           : Rotana Abdel Razek

Education and Career:

Ghada Abdel Razek studied in computer science at Cairo University. Her career in television started with several television commercials. Ghada started acting in films in the early 1990s in Mohamed Abd Al Aziz’s “Lamadah” (Chatterbox) in 1999 directed by Mohamed Abd Al Aziz. She also appeared the television series, including “Amanah Ya Leil,” (Oh Please, Night), “Aailat Al Hajj Metwaly,” (The Hajj Metwally Family) “Nijoom Kol Youm,” “Wadi Al Feran,” (Valley of the rats), “Dahab Qishra,” (Fake Gold), “Seraa Al Aqwiyaa,” (Clash of the Strong) and “Al Ala wa Al Nas.”

Ghada has also appeared in several theatrical productions like “Al Ikhwa Al Andal” and “Houda Karama.” She took part in the Ramadan trivia show “Farah Farah” in 2003 and she starred in the popular Ramadan series “Ma’a Sabq Al Israr” in 2012. She also repeated the successful experiment in the following year in “Hekayet Kayat” (The Story of Hayat) which was directed by Mohamed Samy

Ghada Abdel Razek has worked on many films with director Khaled Youssef, who re-discovered in the film with a new face. After a period of work with director Khaled Youssef, Ghada no longer offers new business with him and returned to the TV drama as before.


  • El Khanka (TV Series) (2016)
  • Those Who Fear Are Dead (Leyl) (2016)
  • El Kaboos (TV Series) (2015) (Moshira)
  • Al Sayeda AL Aoula: First Lady (TV Series) (Mariam) (2014)
  • Hekayet Hayah (TV Series) (Hayah) (2013)
  • Ma3a Sabk El Esrar (TV Series) (Farida El-Tobgy) (2012)
  • Reklam (Shadia) (2012)
  • Kaf Alqamar (2011)
  • Kalemni Shokran (Ashgaan) (2010)
  • Qanoun El Maraghi (TV Series) (2009)
  • Adrenaline (2009)
  • A Matter of Honor (Leila) (2009)
  • Dokkan Shehata (Nagah) (2008)
  • Fawzeya’s Secret Recipe (TV Show) (2008)
  • Alrayes Omar Harb (Zina) (2008)
  • The Baby Doll Night (Rachel) (2008)
  • Hena Maysara (Guest appearance) (2007)
  • 45 Yom (Suzy) (2007)
  • Awdet Elnadla (Safi) (2006)
  • 90 Minutes (Sherine) (2006)
  • An El Ashq Wel Hawa (Fatma) (2006)
  • Mahmoud Al-Masri (TV Series) (Clio) (2004)
  • Tara2e3o (TV Movie) (2002)
  • El Hag Metwali’s Family (TV Series) (Nematalla) (2001)
  • The Red Notebook (2000)
  • Gamal Abd El Naser (1998) 
  • Al Batal (1997) 

Personal Life:

Ghada Abdel Razek get married to the Egyptian TV presenter Mohamed Fouda. She married firstly in 1995 and after nine years of their togetherness they get divorced and Mohamed Fouda married other three girls. In 2013, they are again married.

Ghada Abdel Razek

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