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Fouad El Mohandes was an Egyptian theatre and film actor. He was appeared mostly in comedy roles in dozens of theater, film, and TV series spanning five decades. He is well known for his role in “Ard El Nefak” (1968), “I, He and She” (1964) and “Khamsa Bab” (1983).


Name               : Fouad El Mohandes

Full Name       : Fouad Zaki El Mohandes

Born                : 6 September, 1924

Birth Place      : Abbassia, Egypt

Died                : 16 September, 2006

Death Place     : Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Occupation      : Actor

Years Active   : 1954 – 1994

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Shouweikar (Divorced)

Children          : Mohamed El Mohandes, Ahmed El Mohandes

Parents            : Zaki El Mohandes, Fatemah El Ziyadi

Siblings           : Safia El Mohandes, Sami El Mohandes, Dorriah El Mohandes


Fouad El Mohandes was devoted to performing arts since his childhood. His first introduction to the stage took the form of school plays, which was followed by university theatre at the Faculty of Commerce in Cairo University.

Al Mohandess joined the radio program “Saa’a le Albak” in 1953. He was one of the co-founders of the “Saa’a le Albak” theatre troupe after two years. He directed their first play entitled, “Kaan Mel Awwal” and performed in most of the productions subsequently.

The next turning point in his acting career came when he started to perform in television sponsored theater play productions. His roles in plays like “Ana we Howwa we Heyya” (1962) and “Al Sekerteir al Fanny” (1963) brought him to the attention of a large audience. Then he co-founded the United Artists troupe in 1966 and taking leading roles in some of the plays. Among them “Ana we Howwa we Somowwo” (1966) and “Sayyedaty al Gameela” (1968) which are considered as the peak point of his career on stage.

 El Mohandess joined the Egyptian Comedy troupe in 1971, participating in many of the comedies, including “Hello, Dolly” (1971), “Leih, Leih “(1976) and “Ennaha Hakkan Aaela Mohtarama” (1978). His first break on the film was in “Ghaltet Omr” in 1953. El Mohandes also appeared in supporting roles in many successful films, including “Bayn al Atlaal”, “Almaz wa Abdo al Haamouly”, “Nahr al Hobb” and “Shafeeka al Kebteyya”.

Al Mohandess won several awards, including the Cairo International Film Festival Award, Catholic Centre for Artistic Creativity, State Merit Award and many others.


  • Bayn Al Atlal (1959)
  • Nahr Al Hobb
  • Ila Rabbat Al Buyout 
  • Kilmitayn Wa Bas 
  • Al Sikirtir Al Fanni 
  • Sayedaty Al Jamila (Arabic adaptation)
  • Ana Wa Huwa Wa Hiya (1964)
  • Ayoub (1983)
  • Aalam Modhek Geddan (1968)
  • Ard El Nefak (1968)
  • Merati Magnouna… Magnouna…  (1968)
  • Al Millionaire Al Mouzayyaf  (1968)
  • Moutarada Gharamia (1968)
  • Shanabo Fil Massiada (1968)
  • Agazet Gharam (1967)
  • Akhtar Ragol Fil Alam (1967)
  • Mabodet El Gamahir  (1967)
  • Al Ragol Da Hai Ganini (1967)
  • Guanab El Safir (1966)
  • Iterafat Zoj (1965)
  • Al Ariss Yassel Ghadan (1964)
  • Hub wa Marah wa Chabab (1964)
  • Sahib El Galala (1964)
  • Mawed Fil Borj (1963)
  • El Motamarreda (1963)
  • Al Shoumou El Sawdaa (1962)
  • El Telmiza (1962)
  • Hub fi hub (1960)
  • Nahr Al Hob (1960)
  • Sok Ala Banatak (1980)
  • Viva Zalata (1976)

Fouad El Mohandes

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