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Fifi Abdou is an Egyptian dancer and actress. She has often been described as, synonymous with belly dancing in the years she was performing. Fifi is well known for her work in the film  “Woman and Five Men” (1997), “Kayd El-Nisaa” (2011) and “Laylat El Katl” (1994) as an actress.


Name               : Fifi Abdou

Birth Name     : Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim

Born                : 26 April, 1953

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Other name     : The Queen of Oriental Dance

Height             : 5’ 5”

Horoscope       : Taurus

Occupation      : Dancer

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Mohamed A Dirawy

Children          : Hanadi Mohamed Al Dirawy, Azza

Siblings           : Abdelraheem Abdul Fattah Ibrahim


Fifi Abdou was determined to be a dancer. She ran away from home at the age of 12, with a neighbor’s daughter who was a dancer in a folklore troupe named “A’akef”. Her parents gave into her resolution to dance eventually and after Fifi worked with the troupe for a while; she became a soloist at her age of 13. She was tall for her age and well developed and had the looks as a model. She started dancing at weddings and performing at five-star hotels.

Fifi claims that no dance teacher ever taught her a step and her every movement comes from inside. She never attended school, but she has taught herself reading, writing and speaking. She spends much time in the courtroom and the dance floor and she never goes anywhere without her bodyguards.

Fifi Abdo stopped dancing in 2004, yet at the end of her dance career, she was considered as the best of the “Big Three” along with Dina and Lucy.

Fifi also appeared in films as a dancer before she was being assigned a leading role in the film “Imraa Wahida la Takffy”, which was directed by Enaas Al Daghdaghy. Some of her theatrical productions are “Shabbab Imraa” (1979), “Hazimny Yaa” (1992), “Ishta wa A’asal” and “Edla’y ya Dousah”. Fifi also took part in several television productions, including “Al Aanissah Kaf”, “Ma Zal al Neel Yagry” and “Wazeer Fee al Jibss”.


  • Nour al ayoun
  • El Ferqa 12 (1991)
  • Al Mazag (1991)
  • El Setat (1992)
  • Al Qatela (1992)
  • Maganino (1993)
  • Qadara (1994)
  • Lilat El Qatl (1994)
  • Darbet Gazaa (1995)
  • Al Sagha (1996)
  • Zanqit al-Sittat (2000)
  • Hazemni-Ya
  • Iddala’i Ya Dousa

Personal Life:

Fifi Abdou was born and grew up in a village outside Cairo. Her father was a policeman and her mother was a homemaker who stayed at home for taking care of Fifi, her five brothers and sisters and six other children of her father’s. Fifi watched films featuring Tahia Carioca, Naima Akef, and Samia Gamal and imitated their every move, in her early age.

Fifi Abdo has been married five times. The first time was an arranged marriage when she was 14 years old. As of 2000, she was still with her fifth husband, who is a Jordanian businessman Mohamed al-Deedarry whom she married in 1985. She has three daughters, the oldest is grown up and married and the youngest was 3 years old in 2000, is adopted.

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