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Faten Hamama was an Egyptian film and television actress and producer. She made her screen debut in 1939, when she was only seven years old. She was awarded and honored with numerous prestigious awards for her acting.


Name               : Faten Hamama

Born                : 27 May, 1931

Birth Place      : Mansoura, Egypt

Died                : 17 January, 2015

Death Place     : Cairo, Egypt

Height             : 5′ 1″

Occupation      : Actress, Producer

Years Active   : 1939 – 2001

Nationality      : Egyptian

Spouse             : Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud (m. 1975–2015) 

  Omar Sharif (m. 1955–1974)

  Ezzel Dine Zulficar (m. 1947–1954)


Faten Hamama completed her graduation from the High Institute for Acting in 1947. She started her acting career as a child artist in her age of seven, with a small role in her debut film “Youm Sa’eed” (1939), alongside Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Then she acted in a short television series “Hekaya Wara Kul Bab”, which was later compiled into a film by the same title starring Hamama. In 1963, she starred in an American crime film titled “Cairo”.

In her acting career, she has acted in a few TV series including, “Dameer Abla Hekmat” (1992) and “Wagh Al Qamar” (2000).

Faten Hamama dubbed the “Lady of the Screen” and having starred in more than two dozen films and received numerous awards and honors throughout her acting career. She won a prize at the Tehran Festival for her film “Affwah wa Aranib” in 1977. She was also selected as the “Star of the Century” at the Alexandria International Festival, honoring her lifetime of achievement in Egyptian cinema in 2001.

Filmography (Selected):

  • Happy Day (1939)
  • Bullete in the Heart (1944)
  • Light From the Sky (1946)
  • The Lady (1947)
  • Angels in Hell (1947)
  • The Punishment (1948)
  • The Missing Link (1948)
  • A Complicated Life (1948)
  • Lady of The House (1949)
  • Father Ameen (1950)
  • Son of the Nile (1951)
  • To Whom I do Complain (1951)
  • Immortal Song (1952)
  • Charming Flowers (1952)
  • Love in Darkness (1953)
  • Pity My Tears (1954)
  • Love and Tears (1955)
  • Love Date (1956)
  • Land of Peace (1957)
  • Till We Meet (1958)
  • River of Love (1960)
  • The Miracle (1962)
  • Cairo (1963)
  • The Confession (1965)
  • Mouths and Rabbits (1977)
  • Sweet Days.. Bitter Days (1988)
  • Land of Dreams (1993)

Personal Life:

Faten Hamama was the daughter of a civil servant.

 In 1947, she married director Ezzel Dine Zulficar and the marriage lasted for seven years. They divorced in 1954.They had a daughter Nadia Zulficar. In 1954, Hamama married to actor Omar Sharif, who was a non-Muslim and then he converted to Islam. After nearly two decades together, the couple divorced in 1974 and they had one son Tarek Sharif.

Hamama later married to Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud, who is an Egyptian physician. They lived in Cairo until her death.


Faten Hamama died on 17 January, 2015, aged 83 due to health problems. Her funeral was attended by thousands of mourners who blocked traffic around the mosque where the ceremony was being held. The event was broadcast live by a private television channel.

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