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Fadik Sevin Atasoy is a Turkish actress, who was born on October 1, 1975 in Ankara, Turkey. She is better known for “Dongel Karhanesi” (2005), “The Master” (2009), “The White Angel” (2007). 


Name               : Fadik Sevin Atasoy

Birth Name     : Fatma Sevin Atasoy

Nick Name      : Anatolia

Born                : October 1, 1975

Birth Place      : Ankara, Turkey

Horoscope       : Libra

Nationality      : Turkish

Occupation      : Actress

Years Active   : 2000 – Present

Parents                        : Sonmez Atasoy and Emel Goksu

Education and Career:

Fadik Sevin Atasoy was the first child artist at the age of 4 when she was in the role of the governor of the State Tiyatrolari, directed by his father Sonmez Atasoy and titled as “Teneke”, which is adapted from the Yasar Kemal’s novel, in which her mother also played a role. Until the primary school started, the parents passed the theater 24 hours because they were theater actors. She entered into the TRT Ankara Radio Children’s Club. She started to work contractually in the “Beginning with Children” program. She also took part in several appearances at the State Theater in middle school and high school.She completed her graduation from the Department of Italian Language and Literature at Ankara University, Faculty of Language and History – Geography and also graduated from Bilkent University Department of Music and Performing Arts. Between 2000 – 2002 she studied at the same University as a graduate in Acting Diction and Phonetics.

In 1998-2000, she performed with the Bilkent Academy Symphony Orchestra and Chief Gurer Aykal at ANADOLU Concerts.She became a professional in 1998 with the play of Theater Cherry Garden written by Anton Chekhov. She played with Haluk Bilginer at the Game Workshop in Moliere’s “Cimri”. In 2003-2004 she studied theater in England, France and Russia with the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and played “Carmen” in the Bulgarian State Theater and founded the Kircali Turkish Theater there and made theater directorship there.

In 2008, Fadik founded a group of Turkish artists living in the USA under the direction of her father Sonmez Atasoy and New York City Turkish American Art Community. She is the member of the jury of the 45th Golden Orange film festival and the jury of International Silk Road film festival.


  • Hello (2011)
  • Mavi Pansiyon (2011)
  • Moon Luv Yu (2010)
  • Ah Kalbim (2009)
  • Enemy in the Shadow (2009)
  • Master (2009)
  • Last Spring (2008)
  • I was not passing by (2007) 
  • Separation (2007) 
  • White Angel (2007) 
  • Dudaktan Kalbe (2007) 
  • Zeynep’s Eight Days (2007) 
  • Sev Sister (2006) 
  • Döngel Karhanesi (2005) 
  • He Sentenced Now (2005) 
  • Kismet (2004) 
  • Ah Be Istanbul (2004) 
  • Bastard Lovers (2003) 
  • Our Home Hall (2000)


  • 19th Ankara International Film Festival, for “Best Actress” in 2008 – Eight Days of Zeynep
  • Alexandria International Film Festival, “Artistic Achievement Award” in 2008 – Eight Days of Zeynep
  • N-101 NTV, “Cinema Player of the Year” in 2007
  • Gold Quality Awards, “Branded Cinema Player of the Year” in 2007
  • 42nd Golden Orange Film Film Festival, “Best Supporting Actress” in 2005 
  • New York University -TISCH-First Run Film Festival, “Best Actress” in 2011
  • “The Highest Player of the Year” by the World Consumer Academy

fadik sevin atasoy

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