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Demet Evgar was born on 19 May 1980 in Manisa, Turkey. She is a Turkish actress with an increasing fame in Turkey through roles in feature films and TV series. But she also still pursues an active career as an actress in theatre where she made her debuts. Her brother Yigit Evgar is also an actor. She is popular for Bad Cat (2016), Yahsi Bati – The Ottoman Cowboys (2009) and I Saw the Sun (2009).

Mini biography:

Born                : 19 May, 1980, Manisa, Turkey.

Height             : 5’3” (1.62m)

Nationality      : Turkish

Occupation      : Actress

Siblings           : Yigit Evgar

Education and Career:

Evgar completed graduation from the Theater Department at Istanbul University State Conservatory. During studying, she founded the Theatre Kilcik with her friends and worked as a playwright. She also performed in many plays in the Kenter Theatre. She started her career in the Afsem Theatre, which was an amateur group at the age of 17. Then she debuted as an actress at Ray Cooney′s stage “Kac Baba Kac Evgar”. She also acted in many TV series and films such as “Aslile Kerem” (TV series) in 2002, “Butun Cocuklarim” (TV series) in 2004, “Emret Komutanim” (TV series) in 2005, “1 Erkek, 1 Kadin” (TV series) in 2009-2015. She also played in well remarked roles in three featured films, “Banyo”, “Shattered Soul” and “I Saw the Sun” which brought her to national attention in Turkey.

 Until present, her notable plays include Anna Karenina, 39 Steps, Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s The Night Season and Curzio Malaparte’s “The Women Lost the War Too”. During the last two seasons, she has been playing in “Moliere’s Avare”. Her most recent role in cinema was that of a Calamity Jane – like character in Cem Yilmaz’s  2009 big-budget comedy on the “American Old West”, “Yahsi Bati”.On the TV seriese, she is currently appearing in the series “1 Kadin, 1 Erkek”, a Turkish adaptation of Un gars, une file.

She has a reputation as a favorite of the film director Mustafa Altioklar, having appeared in two featured films and a TV serial with him in early 2000s.



  • Macbeth
  • The Circle of Love
  • 39 steps
  • Anna Karenina
  • L’Avare
  • Gece Mevsimi
  • Kadinlar da Savasi Yitirdi
  • Aysegul in India
  • Takanlar ve Takilanlar

TV Series:

  • Cicek Taksi (1995)
  • Yedi Numara (2000)
  • Asli and Kerem (2002)
  • Yuvam Yikilmasin (2003)
  • Cinaralti (2003)
  • Butun Cocuklarım (2004)
  • Emret Komutanım (2005)
  • Erkekler Aglamaz (2006)
  • Bir Kadin Bir Erkek (2009)
  • Bir Erkek Bir Kadin (2012)
  • Bir Erkek Bir Kadin Bir Cocuk (2014)
  • Bir Erkek Bir Kadin Iki Cocuk (2015)

Feature films

  • Banyo (2005)
  • Shattered Soul (2005)
  • I Saw the Sun (2009)
  • The Great West) (2009)
  • Thou Gild’s the Even (2013)


She has received many awards including the “Best Supporting Actress” in 2005 Sadri Alisik Awards as well as in 2005 Afife Theatre Awards, the “Best Comedy Actress” in 2010 Golden Butterfly Awards and the 2012 Antalya Television Awards. Demet Evgar currently continues working in Istanbul.

Demet Evgar

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