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Bushra Rozza is a young Egyptian film and television actress and singer, who was born on 5 October, 1980 in the United Kingdom. She is characterized by a variety of talents, including singing, acting and hosting. She is the daughter of the well-known Egyptian writer Ahmed Abdalla Rozza.


Name               : Bushra Rozza

Full Name        : Bushra Ahmed Abdalla Rozza

Born                 : 5 October, 1980

Birth Place        : United Kingdom

Horoscope       : Libra

Occupation       : Actress and Singer

Nationality        : Egyptian

Spouse             : Amr Raslan (m. 2010)

Children           : Leila, Ismail

Parents             : Ahmed Abdalla Rozza

Albums : Ehky, Eahky, Bushra  2017


Bushra Rozza is an Egyptian actress and singer. She started her acting career at the beginning of the third millennium with a comedy series named “Youth Online” in 2002. Later she appeared in several TV series, including “Emperor”, “The Aunt Nour”, “Dignitaries”, “Critical Moments”, “Operation Messi”, which enabled her to achieve significant penetration in record time. Her first film appearance was with the film “Alexandria New York”, which was directed by the late director Youssef Chahine. After her first film, Bushra acted in a large number of films such as “Ouija”, “The Game Of Love”, “Mr and Mrs Ewis”, “About Love And Passion” and “I Am Not With Them”.

Bushra co-starred alongside Nelly Karim in the film “678” in 2010. She won the Best Actress Award at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2010 and the Judi Grand Prize at the Asia Pacific Screen Award in 2011 for her role in the film “678”

Bushra is also successful as a singer and she has several albums such as “After Gharam”, “Ehki” and Bushra 2017.


  • Alexandria New York (Korinne) (2004)
  • Cairo 678 (Fayza) (2010)
  • Geddo Habibi (Drama) (2012)
  • Wesh Argam (Comedy) (Rehab) (2006)
  • Mr and Mrs Ewis (Comedy) (2012)
  • Tofahet Adam (TV Series) (Nousa) (2014)
  • Hamlet Frezer (Comedy) (2016)
  • Baabarr (Kid Afreen) (2009)
  • The Suspect (2009)
  • Critical Moments (TV Series) (Dr. Yomna) (2007)
  • El Eial Herbet (2006)
  • Leabet El Hob (Samar) (2006)
  • Ouija (Ola) (2006)
  • Kalam Fel Hob (Guest Appearance) (2005)
  • Open Your Eye (Salma) (2005)
  • Ya Ward Meen Yeshtereek (TV Series) (2004)
  • An El Ashq Wel Hawa (Drama) (Esmet) (2006)
  • Operation Messi (TV Series) (Dr. Noha) (2014 – Present)
  • Murad (2003)
  • Leqaa Ala Al Hawaa (TV Series) (Donia) (2004)

Personal Life:

Bushra Rozza was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Egypt with her family when she was only six years old. Her father is famous Egyptian writer Ahmed Abdalla Rozza. She get married to Assef Shawkat in 1995 and divorced in 2012.

Bushra believes that, “Politicians alone do not create change and it is high time for actors and filmmakers to participate”.

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