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Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian comedian, Cardiothoracic surgeon, and television host. He is also a writer, producer, and a media critic. He sued to work as a Cardiothoracic surgeon before earning fame in the media industry.


Born                    : 21 March 1974

Birth Place         : Cairo, Egypt

Origin                 : Cairo, Egypt

Birth name        : Bassem Muhammad Youssef

Education          : Graduated in Cardiothoracic surgery

Profession         : Comedian, Cardiothoracic surgeon, television host, writer, and producer.

Nationality        : Egyptian

Religion             : Islam

Marital Status  : Married

Children            : Nadia (daughter)

Medical career:

Bassem Youssef graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine in Cardiothoracic surgery. He also earned a Ph.D. from the university. After working shortly as a professor, he went to the United States and Europe to work in the field of cardiac surgery and transplant technologies. Later in 2005, Bassem Youssef earned his surgeon license in the United States of America. He also went to Germany to receive training in cardiac and lung transplantations. Later he joined the US medical equipment production company and worked there for a couple of years.

Media career:

Bassem Youssef created his first satirical show named The B+ in March 2011. The show was inspired by the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and entitled after his blood type. The program was 5 minutes per episode and was uploaded on the Bassem Youssef’s YouTube channel. Which got a good response and achieved more than five million views in the first three months. On the show, Bassem Youssef collaborated with Youssef with Tarek ElKazzaz, Amr Ismail, Mohamed Khalifa, and Mostafa Al-Halawany.

After the success of B+ show, Bassem Youssef offered for his next show Al Bernameg Season 1 in the Egyptian channel ONTV in 2011. The budget of the show was half a million dollars and the series made him the first internet to television conversation in the Middle East. The show contained 104 episodes. In 2012, Bassem Youssef was invited to The Daily Show for an interview.

After the success of Al Bernameg Season 1, Bassem Youssef did the Al Bernameg Season 2 in 2012. The second season contained 29 episodes and earned high rating views on both TV and on the YouTube. The show achieved 40 million views on television and combined 184 viewers on the YouTube.

From the March 2013, Bassem Youssef started writing columns on the Egypt’s one of the most important daily newspapers. He wrote on taboo subjects about Islam. Bassem Youssef again appeared on the air in Al Bernameg Season 3, in 2013.

TIME magazine named Bassem Youssef as one of the “100 most influential people in the world. His role in the media was praised by all and awarded him with the International Press Freedom Award in November 2013.

Personal Life:

Bassem Youssef lives with his wife, Hala in the Oakland, California, USA. They have a daughter named Nadia.

Bassem Youssef

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