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Altan Erkekli is a Turkish theater and film actor. He was born in Istanbul on 18 January 1955.  He is known for Yalan Dunya (2012), Beyaz Gelincik (2005)and Vizontele (2001).


Born                : 18 January, 1955, Istanbul, Turkey

Birth name      : Resit Altan Erkekli

Height             : 5’8” (1.8m)

Nationality      : Turkish

Spouse             : Ebru Erkekli

Children          : Efe Erkekli, Can Erkekli, Ali Erkekli

Parents             : Burhanettin Erkekli, Kamuran Erkekli

Education and career:

He graduated from the theater department of Ankara University. Then he taught acting at the theater department of Ankara University and performed in the Ankara Art Theatre. From 1985-1989 he worked at the Theater Department for Children and Youth of the State Theatres. He transferred to the Besiktaş Culture Center from the Ankara Art Theatre and continued acting in many TV series like “Bir Demet Tiyatro” and films, including “Vizontele.” In 2009 local elections, he was elected as the member of the Besiktas Municipal Assembly of the Republican People’s Party. He has been started teaching Diction, Speaker and Presentation, Voice and Acting in Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences since 2007.

Altan Erkekli started to take care of the theater at the Kadikoy Maarif College during this period. However, due to the many difficulties he experienced, he thought of leaving the theater as a civil engineer. At the same time, he changed his mind when he faced the big teacher of the English teacher in high school and entered the DTCF Tiyato section of Ankara University. While continuing his education, he appeared in the play “Capsmic Lieutenant”, in which the students prepared in the faculty, because the lead actor could not show the demonstration. Rutkay Aziz, who approached after the premiere of the game, started professional play with the words “Welcome to the AST ship”. 


  • 1982 – Dolap Beygiri
  • 1989 – Can Senliği
  • 1991 – Deniz Gurbetcileri
  • 1993 – Mavi Sürgün
  • 1996 – 80. Adım
  • 2000 – Merdiven
  • 2001 – Vizontele
  • 2004 – Hızlı Adımlar – Lütfü
  • 2004 – Vizontele Tuba (as Nazmi Doğan)
  • 2005 – Istanbul Tales
  • 2005 – Organize Isler (as Yusuf Ziya Ocak)
  • 2006 – The Exam (as Almancı Sedat)
  • 2006 – Eve Donus (as Hoca)
  • 2006 – Unutulmayanlar (as Aziz)
  • 2006 – Cenneti Beklerken (as Coban)
  • 2008 – .. Cocukları
  • 2009 – I Saw the Sun 
  • 2011 – Love Like Coincidences
  • 2012 – Uzun Hikaye

TV Series:

  • 1994 – Kurtuluş (as Yakup Kadri Bey)
  • 2001-2007 – Bir Demet Tiyatro
  • 2003 – Havada Bulut
  • 2003 – Bir Istanbul Masalı (as Cemal Kozan)
  • 2005-2007 – Beyaz Gelincik (as Halil Aslanbaş)


Altan Erkekli has received several awards,  including the “Best Actor” from the Art Association in 1982 and 1996, a Crystal Seagull Award from Kadıkoy Maarif College and Anadolu High School Alumni Association in 2002.

In 1982 and 1996, he won the Best Actor Award of the Institution of the Arts. He won the Altan Erbulak and Theater Critics Association awards with his “Live in Faith” in the 1996-1997 season. In 2002, he was awarded the Crystal Seal prize by the Kadıköy Maarif College and Anatolian High School Alumni Association.

Altan Erkekli

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