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Alice Chan is a Hong Kong television and film actress, born on 21 November, 1973 in Shanghai, China. She is well known for her role in “Sheng Hua Te Jing: Sang Shi Ren Wu” (2000), “San Chuen Lao see II: Sik Ji Ngoc Gwai” (2000) and “Ransom Express” (2000).


Name               : Alice Chan

Full Name       : Alice Chan Wai

Born                : November 21, 1973

Birth Place      : Shanghai, China

Height             : 5′ 6″

Horoscope       : Scorpio

Occupation      : Actress

Years Active   : 1996 – 2008, 2012 – Present

Spouse             : James Yen (2008 – Present)

Ancestry          : Puning, China, Guangdong


Alice Chan started her acting career by winning the “Miss Asia” beauty pageant in 1996. She signed a contract with Asia Television in 1996 and she started acting in her first television series “The Snow is Red” in 1997. She achieved recognition for her portrayal of late actress Anita Mui in a television series “A Dream Named Desire II” in 2005.

She also appeared in many films, including “Dial D for Demons” (2000), “San Chuen Lao See II: Sik ji ngoc gwai” (2000), “Ransom Express” (2000), “Sheng Hua te jing: Sang shi ren wu” (2000), “City of Desire” (2001), “Tai fong lo chin” (2006) and “Iceman” (2014).

Alice Chan retired from the showbiz world after marrying Taiwanese businessman James Yen in 2008. She returned to acting in 2012 and signed a contract of filming with TVB and made her first comeback with the television series “Friendly Fire” (2012 – 2013).


  • Iceman (2014)
  • Friendly Fire (2012 – 2013)
  • Mei nui sik sun (2007)
  • Tai fong lo chin (Lola) (2006)
  • Ngo wo geun see yau gor yue wui III (TV Series) (Holy Mother of Yaochi) (2004)
  • The Kung Fu Master Wong Fei Hung (2008)
  • The Chinese Medic Master (TV Series) (2003)
  • Mama, I Love You (TV Series) (2003)
  • Light of Million Hopes (TV Series) (2003)
  • Jin Ye Wu Feng (TV Series) (2003)
  • As You Wish (TV Series) (2002)
  • Son from the Past (TV Series) (2002)
  • Healing Hearts (TV Series) (2001)
  • To Where He Belongs (TV Series) (2001)
  • A True Cop Story (TV Series) (2001)
  • City of Desire (2001)
  • Sheng hua te jing: Sang shi ren wu (Bell) (2000)
  • Guilty or Not (Eva) (2000)
  • Ransom Express (Ruby Sun) (2000)
  • San chuen lao see II: Sik ji ngoc gwai (Peanut) (2000)
  • Sai gei chi chin (TV Series) (Ching Hei-man) (2000)
  • Dial D for Demons (Sammie) (2000)
  • Hai Rui Dou Yan Song
  • Ten Tigers of Guangdong
  • Ngo wo geun see yau gor yue wui (TV Series) (Miusin) (1998)
  • My Date With a Vampire (TV Series) (1998)
  • Pretty Police Woman (TV Series) (1998)
  • Lan Gui Fang 7 gong zhu (1997)

Alice Chan

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