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5 Akshay Kumar Son Photos | Akshay Kumar Son Imgs

Nowadays there are a huge demand of Akshay Kumar Son Photos by Akshay kumar’s fans . So, regarding that we have decided to make a collection of Akshay Kumar Son Photos . those who wants to see Arav Kumars Photos they may visit here. But before you see his photos we want to let you know something about him. Akshay Kumar, A disciplined human being. Who is Black belt of Taekwondo, India..He was a martial Arts teacher before he make his first photo shoot. He is a great dancer and a  chef too.Twinkle Khanna is her wife along with Arav and Nitara are their son and daughter.where his son Arav has a great personality like his dad and he gets all the support from his parents what he needs .He is also a Black belt like his father But he is black belt in Kudo, Okinawa and Goju Ryu Karate Do. Arav kumar is the grand son of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia . Arav was born on 15th of September 2002 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has completed his primary education from Ecole Mondiale World School, Juhu.So, lets have a look at Akshay Kumar Son Photos below.


akshay kumar son photo

Here we can see Akshay Kumar Son Photos where in the left photo we can see Akshay Kumar wearing a  beautiful t-shirt and was in an awesome pose.in the right photo we can see Akshay Kumar’s Son Arav Kumar where he was smiling and was looking cute.


akshay kumar son photo

Here we can see Akshay Kumar Son Photos where he was with his son Arav Kumar who was wearing a hat which was black in color. Arav was wearing a bag in his back and he was holding a mobile phone in his hand.


akshay kumar son photo

Here we can see the smiling faces of both the son and father . in the left picture we can see Akshay Kumar and in the right picture we  can see his son Arav Kumar . Both was looking awesome with their smile.


akshay kumar son photo

Here we can see Akshay Kumar and his son .where both of them was looking awesome and hot . both of them was wearing sky colored shirts. Akshay was wearing a sun glass and Arav was wearing watch in his hand . both of them was looking dashing.


akshay kumar son photo

Here we can find Akshay Kumar’s Son’s Photos . where he was doing his praying with his grand mother and his mother.His Grand mother Dimple Kapadia was in a beautiful saari and and his mother Twinkle Khanna was in a white dress. all of them was looking adorable here.

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