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Ahmed Zaki is an Egyptian film actor born on 18 November, 1949 in Zagazig, Egypt. He broke the unspoken color barrier in Egyptian film as the first dark-skinned actor who played leading roles. He was well known for his portrayals of historical figures like former presidents Gamal Adbel Nasser and Anwar El Sadat, modernist writer Taha Hussein and singer Abdul Halim Hafiz (unfinished).


Full Name        : Ahmed Zaki Abdul Rahman

Born                 : 18 November, 1949

Birth Place        : Zagazig, Egypt

Horoscope       : Scorpio

Died                 : 27 March, 2005 

Death Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Nationality        : Egyptian

Spouse             : Hala Fouad (m. 1983)

Children           : Haitham Ahmed Zaki (b. 1984)

Albums : Kaboria

Education and Career:

Ahmed Zaki graduated from Zagazig’s Crafts School where he met some actors who attended the school party and who encouraged him for studying cinema. He moved to Cairo and joined the High Institute of Dramatic Arts. He acted in the stage play titled “Hello Shalaby”, during his school days. After his graduation with honors in 1973, he acted in very successful plays, including “Madrasset Al Moshaghebeen (The school of the rowdy bunch)”, “Awladna Fe London (Our children in London)” and “Al Eyaal Kebret (Full grown children)”.

Zaki also appeared in “Al Ayyaam (The stream of days), “Howa wa Heya (Him and Her)”, “Ana la Aktheb wa Lakenny Atagammal (I don’t lie..I beautify)”, “Nahr Al Malh (Salt river)” and “Al Ragol Allathy Fakad Thaakeratahu Marratayn (The man who lost his memory twice)” which were among the landmarks of the Egyptian television.

Ahmad Zaki acted in “Al Baree (The innocent)”, “Al Hobb Fawk Hadabet Al Haram (Love on the pyramids plateau)”, “Ahlaam Hend and Camelia”, “Naasser 56”, “Ard Al Khowf (Land of fear)” and “Ma’aaly Al Wazeer (His Excellency the Minister)” which are unforgettable milestones in his acting career. In 2001, Egyptian President Mubarak granted him the Merit of Arts award for his work in over 50 movies.

He played the titular role in Halim, a film about the Egyptian musician and singer Abdul Halim Hafez in 2005. He became popular for his portrayal of the character of president Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, writer Taha Hossein.

At Ahmed Zaki’s request, his funeral was filmed for the footage to be used in his final movie “Halim”, which is based on a biography of famous Egyptian musician and singer Abdul Halim Hafez, who died in 1977. He insisted on leaving his hospital bed to shoot more scenes. His son Haitham plans to film the remaining scenes and playing Hafez in his youth.

Personal Life:

Ahmed Zaki was born in Zagazig, Egypt in 1949. He was the only child to his father who died after his birth. Then his mother got remarried hence he was brought up with his grandfather. Ahmed Zaki married Hala Fouad, with whom he had a child named Haitham Ahmed Zaki. Hala Fouad died of cancer in 1991.

Zaki was affected with lung cancer in 2004, after which he was treated at a Paris hospital before he returned to Cairo to continue his chemotherapy.

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