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Ahmed Rateb was an Egyptian film, television and theatre actor, who was born on 23 January, 1949 in Cairo, Egypt. He is well known for his acting in the film “The Yacoubian Building” (2006), “The Embassy in the Building” (2005) and “Al Irhab Wal Kabab” (1993).


Name               : Ahmed Rateb

Birth Name     : Ahmed Kamal Eldin Rateb Al Okily Hasanin

Born                : 23 January, 1949

Birth Place      : Cairo, Egypt

Died                : 14 December, 2016

Death Place: Madinat Sitta Uktubar, Egypt

Profession: Actor

Years Active   : 1989 – 2016

Nationality      : Egyptian

Children          : Lamia Rateb, Lamis Rateb and Lobna Rateb

Education and Career:

Ahmed Rateb started acting in his early age, when he was a student at the school and he performed in most of the school plays. After joining the Faculty of Engineering, he joined the band of acting at the college, for which he didn’t complete his study and joined “The Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts” where he received a bachelor degree in acting in 1974.

He started his acting career with the TV series “Fagr” after which he had many roles in theater plays. His the most notable play was “Sok Ala Banatak (Beware of Your Daughters)”. His TV series performances include “Bilad El Ghorba”, “Elmal Wal Banoon”, “Elabtal” and “Om Kalthoum”. For which he achieved many awards for his realistic portrayal of the legendary violinist Mohamed El Asabgy.

He often appeared under the guise of the villain. He also worked about 13 films with Adel Imam, one of his best friends. He played the character of a servant of Zaki El Dessouki in the film “Yacoubian Building” in 2006. 

Although Rateb is famous for his comedic roles, especially with fellow actor and comedian Adel Imam, he has many distinguished roles in dramatic works like his role as a political patriot in the film “Toyoor El Zalam (Birds of Darkness)” and “Ya Rab Walad” and “Akhir Elregal Elmohtarameen”

Rateb worked in dozens of films in the roles of assistance since the seventies including, “One by One”, “Love on the Pyramid Plateau”, “The Terrorism and Kabab”, “Bekhit and Adila”, “Yacoubian Building”. He also appeared in television serials such as “El Sera El Helalia”, “Hend and Dr. Noaman” and “Kalby Dalily”.

Filmography (Selected):

  • Madinat Alssamt (1973)
  • Nbtadi Minin Alhikaya (1976)
  • Aintabahuu Ayuha Alssada (1978)
  • Katel Ma Katelsh Had (1979)
  • Albayh Sadiqi (1980)
  • Tahaddi Al’aqwia (1980)
  • Aleashiqa (1980)
  • Shaeban Taht Alssifr (1980)
  • Aintakhabuu Aldduktur Sulayman Ebdalbast (1981)
  • Waqidat Didd Majhul (1981)
  • Daewat Khassat Jiddaan (1982)
  • Lilfaqid Alrrahma (1982)
  • Sefara Fi El Omara (2005)

TV Series:

  • Joha Wabanat Shahbandar Alttjjar (1978)
  • Waihtazzat Al’ard (1980)
  • Raafat Alhijan: 1st part (1990)
  • Raafat Alhijan: 2nd part (1991)
  • Almal Walbanun: 1st part (1993)
  • Almal Walbanun: 2nd part (1995)
  • Alddaeia (2013)
  • Dhahab Waeawda (2015)
  • Ustadh Warayiys Qism (2016)

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