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Ahmed Mekky is an Egyptian-Algerian film and television actor, also known as a director, writer, and rapper. Ahmed Mekky is very famous for his works and a popular figure in Egypt.


Born                    : June 19, 1980

Birth Place         : Oran, Algerian

Education          : Graduate

Profession         : Actor, director, writer and rapper

Nationality        : Egyptian-Algerian

Religion             : Islam

Marital Status  : Single

Early life and Education:

Ahmed Mekky was born in Algeria. His father is from Algeria and his mother is from Egypt but he grew up in the Cairo, neighborhood of Haram. He completed his graduation in the directing division at the Institute of Cinema, then he started his career in cinema. Ahmed Mekky began his film career as a director.


Ahmed Mekky first appeared in the film as a director in the film Yabani Asli, (An Original Japanese) in 1998. Next in 2005, he directed “Al Hassa Al Sab’a” (The Seventh Sense), in which he starred Ahmed Al Fishawy, the work was adapted from one of his previously directed short films. Ahmed Mekky has also worked on several Television series. His sister is also in this field and he worked with her in several television series including “Lahazat Harija” (Crucial Moments) and “Tamer wa Shawqiyah” (Tamer and Shawqiyah). In which he also played the role of Haitham Dabour. Ahmed Mekky has also played comedian roles in several series.

Ahmed Mekky has acted in many films. In 2001, he acted in Ibn Izz, (Rich). In 2004, he appeared in a comedy film Morgan Ahmad Morgan, (Morjan Ahmed Morjan). In 2008, for the first time, Ahmed Mekky has appeared as a leading actor in the film H-Dabbour, (H-Dabbour). Later he appeared in several films till 2013.

Ahmed Mekky is also a rap songwriter, he writes a rap song and performs in films or upload on the internet.

Filmography as a director:

  • Yabani Asli, (An Original Japanese), 1998
  • Al Hassa Al Sab’a, (The Seventh Sense), 2005
  • Lahazat Harega, (Critical Moments), 2007

Filmography as an actor:

  • Ibn Izz, (Rich), 2001
  • Morgan Ahmad Morgan, (Morjan Ahmed Morjan), 2004
  • Laylet Al Baby Doll, (The Baby Doll Night)
  • Teer Inta, (you Fly!), 2008
  • La Tarago’ Wala Istislam (Al-Qabda Al-Dameya), (Neither Regression Nor Surrender: The Bloody Fist), 2010
  • Cima Ali Baba, (Ali Baba’s Cinema), 2011
  • Samir Abou Alneil, (Samir the father of the Nile), 2013

Television works

  • Tamer Wa Shaw’eyyah, (Tamer and Shawkeyyah), 2005
  • El Kabeer Awy, (Big Boss), 2010
  • El Kabeer Awy 2, (Big Boss 2), 2011
  • El Kabeer Awy 3, (Big Boss 3), 2013
  • El Kabeer Awy 4, (Big Boss 4), 2014
  • El Kabeer Awy 5, (Big Boss 5), 2015


  • Al Hassa Al Sab’a, (The Seventh Sense), 2005
  • Fo’sh, (Fo’sh), 2009
  • Teer Inta, (You Fly!), 2009
  • El Kabeer Awy, (The Big one), 2010

Ahmed Mekky

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