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Ahmed Ezz is an Egyptian actor, who was born on 23 July, 1971 in Maadi district, Cairo, Egypt. He started his acting career with the film “Kallam Al Layl” in 1999.


Full Name       : Ahmed Ezzidine Al Ezzat

Born                : 23 July, 1971

Birth Place      : Maadi, Egypt

Height             : 6’ 2” (1.88 m)

Profession       : Actor

Years Active   : 1998 – Present

Nationality      : Egyptian

Education and Career:

Ahmed Ezz completed his graduation from the Faculty of Arts from the English division. Then he started his career as a model in the hopes that it would later give him access to acting in films. Later he met director Enas Al Daghdaghy, who gave him a minor role in the film “Kallam Al Layl” in 1999. Then he acted in a role of the film “Al Sharaf” in 2000, which won the Alexandria Film Festival award.  The director gave him the lead role in the film “Muzikirat Murahiqa” in 2001. Although the film was not a major success, it nonetheless contributed to his fame. Ahmed Ezz starred in the film “Al Hafla” in 2013. It is a mystery thriller film involving a businessman’s wife who is disappearing and the sinister abduction plot unraveled in the investigation.

He also joined in Actor’s Studio which is a one-year program designed and maintained by working professionals in the field to teach the basics of acting and filmmaking.


  • Kalam El Lail (1998)
  • Al Sharaf (2000)
  • Shabab Take Away (2001)
  • Mozakarat Moraheqa (2002)
  • Hob al Banat (2003)
  • Yom Al Karama (2004)
  • Sana Oula Nasb (2004)
  • Malaki Iskendiriya (2005)
  • Al Bahithat An Al Horriya (2005)
  • Al Rahina (2006)
  • Al Shabah (2007)
  • Masgoun Tranzit (2008)
  • Badal Faqed (2009)
  • El Thalatha Yashtaghelounaha (2010)
  • 365 Yawm Saada (2011)
  • Al Maslaha (2012)
  • Helm Aziz (2012)
  • Al Hafla (2013)
  • Hatouli Ragel (2013)
  • Welad Rizk (2015)
  • Zezinia (1997 – 1998) (TV Series)
  • Malak Rohi (2003) (TV Series)
  • Al Eyada (2009) (TV Series)
  • Al Adham (2009) (TV Series)
  • L’Excellence (2014) (TV Series)
  • Yassine and Bahiya (2000) (Theater)
  • Amir Fi Rehlet El Asatir (2013) (Animated Cartoon)
  • Film Arabi (2005) (Radio)
  • Eid Fe Real Madrid (2007) (Radio)
  • Sindbad Emad (2008) (Radio)
  • Kolkasa Fe Wekalet NASA (2009) (Radio)
  • Mesbah Alaa El Din Zaazu (2011) (Radio)
  • Malek El Hawa (2014) (Radio)

Personal Life:

Ahmed Ezz was born and raised in the Maadi district in Cairo. He is second of three brothers. He studied in English literature and earned his bachelor of the degree from Ain Shams University. He also worked as a model while working in the field of tourism.

Personal Quotes:

I have always loved acting and this feeling has grown up with me since childhood. I remember when I used to watch a film I wanted to play this role. I like the spotlights. I want to deliver messages through films to the people.

I try to learn from my mistakes and do my best to get as much experience as I can from every movie I star in.

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