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Adel Emam is a popular Egyptian film actor and also a stage actor. He is one of the most popular actors of Egypt film industry. He started his career as a comedian but later he has also appeared in more serious acting. He did romantic comedy films in the early stage of his career. Adel Emam has worked in over 100 films in her career. In her career, he was praised by both the critics and audiences.


Born                    : May 17, 1940

Birth Place         : El Mansoura, Egypt

Origin                 : Egypt

Birth name        : Adel Mohamed Imam

Education          : Graduate

Profession         : film and stage actor

Nationality        : Egyptian

Religion             : Islam

Siblings              : Esam Imam and Iman Imam (brothers)

Marital Status  : Married

Early life and Education:

Adel Emam grew up in Al Sayeda Zeniab. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Cairo University. Adel Emam began his acting career when he was a student at the university and acted in a small role on TV in 1962. He participated in various plays as a stage actor.


Adel Emam started her acting career as a stage actor. He has also appeared in several films and became a very important figure in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking countries. He is very popular for his political roles in many films and plays. He has acted in so many films under Emad Adeeb’s direction including Morgan Ahmed Morgan and Hassan and Marcus.

In 1978, Adel Emam has acted Ahlam Al fata Al ta2r (Dreams Of The Fugitive Boy), under the direction of Ibrahim El-Tayer. Later he has appeared in several in various roles. In 1983, he acted in Al-Motasawel (The Beggar) with Isaad Younis, under Ahmed Al-Sabaaw’s direction. His recent films were Ostaz wa rayees kesm, Ma’amoon wa shorakaah.


  • Ana Wa Howa Wa Heya (1964)
  • Al-Nassabeen (1966)
  • Dhat Al-Bijama Al-Hamraa (1967)
  • Ana Feen W Enti Feen (1970)
  • Madrast Al-Mushaghebeen (1973)
  • Shahed Ma Shafsh Haga (1975)
  • Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal (1984)
  • Al-Zaeem (1993)
  • Body Guard (1999)
  • Ramy Gabriel Asad el osood (1984)


  • Ahlam Al fata Al ta2r (Dreams of The Fugitive Boy), 1978
  • Ihna Bitua’ al-Autobis (We’re from the Bus), 1979
  • Al-Motasawel (The Beggar), 1983
  • Al Ins wa Algen (Humans and The Devil), 1984
  • Al-Nemr Wal-Ontha (The Tiger And The Female), 1987
  • El Erhab Wal Kabab (Terrorism and Kebab), 1992
  • Al-Erhabi (The Terrorist), 1994
  • Bekheet Wa Adeela (Bekheet And Adeela), 1995
  • Bekheet Wa Adeela 2: El-Gardal wel-Kanaka (Bekheet and Adeela 2: The Pail and the Coffeepot), 1997
  • Bekheet Wa Adeela 3: Hello America (Bekheet And Adeela 3: Hello America), 2000
  • Al-Tagroba Al-Danemarkeya (The Danish Experiment), 2003
  • El-Sefara fi El-Omara (The Embassy Is In The Building), 2005
  • Bobbos (Bobbos), 2009
  • Ma’amoon wa shorakaah (Ma’amoon and his partners), 2016

Personal Life:

Adel Emam is married and has three children named Rami Imam, a director, Sarah Emam, and Mohamed Imam, a film actor.

Adel Emam

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