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Abla Kamel is an Egyptian actress, who is born on July 13, 1967 in Cairo, Egypt. She is well known for acting in “El Medina” (1999), “Raya wa Sekina” (2005) and “Ellembi” (2002). This actress announced to retire from acting in 2011.


Full Name       : Abla Kamel Mohamed Afifi

Born                :  18 July, 1957

Birth Place      : Beheira Governorate, Egypt

Occupation      : Actress

Years Active   : 1985 – Present

Nationality      : Egyptian

Parents            : Kamel Mohamed Afifi

Spouse             : Mahmoud El Gindy (2003 – Present),

                          Ahmed Kamal (divorced)


Abla Kamel completed her graduation from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Libraries and information in 1986. She started her acting career in theater Vanguard. At first, she acted on a stage of Al Taleeaa Theatre with her monodrama “Nawbet Sahayaan”. Then she joined Muhammad Sobhy Troupe in “Weg Het Nazar”. Abla played the lead roles in “Waga’ Demaagh” with Lineen Al Ramly and “Al Hadetha”.

Abla also appeared in her numerous TV series such as, “Layaaly Al Helmeyya (Helmeyya nights)”, “Lan aeesh Fee Gelbaab Aby (I will not live in my father’s robe)”, Al Shahd Wal Domou’(Honey and Tears)”, “Hawaanem Garden City (Garden City ladies)”.

She grabbed the attention of audiences for her roles in the TV series “Laialy Al Helmia” and “Ln Aaesh Fe Gelbab Aby”.

She also has healing capabilities, especially in such fields as massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and counseling.


  • Boltya EL Ayma (2008)
  • Al-andaleeb hikayt shaab (TV Movie) (2006)
  • Awdet Elnadla (2006)
  • Sayed el atifi (2005)
  • Raya wa Sekina (TV Show) (2005)
  • Khalty Faransa (2004)
  • Eish ayamak (TV Show) (2004)
  • Elly baly balak (2003)
  • Kallem mama (2003)
  • Ellembi (2002)
  • Ayna qalbi (TV Show) (2002)
  • Hadith Alsabah wa Almassaa (2001)
  • El Medina (1999)
  • Date Wine (1998)
  • Gamal Abd El Naser (1998)
  • Hysteria (1996)
  • Ln A3esh Fe Gelbab Aby (1996)
  • El Mal We El Banon (1995)
  • Sarek al-Farah (1994)
  • Sawwaq el hanem (1993)
  • Mercedes (1993)
  • El Settat (1992)
  • Iskanderija, kaman oue kaman (1990)
  • Weghet Nazar (1989)
  • Yom mor… yom helw (1988)
  • Al-ta’weeza (1987)
  • Adieu Bonaparte (1985)
  • Iftah ya simsim (1982) (TV Show)

Personal Life:

Abla Kamel married actor Ahmad Kamal, with whom she had two daughters. She later married actor Mahmoud El Gendy.

Abla enjoys music and poetry and she has an eye for beauty and a fine sense of balance and rhythm. She has the soul of an artist. She is extremely sensitive, perceptive, and a bit shy person. These qualities are both her strength and weakness. For which Abla possesses an enormous sensitivity to her feelings and those of others. The same sensitivity can cause her to hold back and repress her considerable talents

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